When Ben Gwen and Kevin were on a mission of delivering a Lewoden Prince that is called the Tiffin to King Jarrett as a piece offering, the Tiffin somehow managed to turn Ben into a new alien that is on the wild side and can be hard to control. This new alien is named Rath!

Species and Home planet: Rath’s Species is called an Appoplexian and where he comes from is a planet called Appoplexia. No known images of planet.

Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Rath can be described as a humanoid tiger that is about 9 feet tall and it’s shown that he resembles an orange, black, and white bipedal tiger with one claw coming out of each of his wrists. Even thought he resembles a tiger the main thing is that he doesn’t have a tail. He is very muscular, has green eyes, and he has black stripes on his shoulders, head, legs, and on his upper body. He also has a white jaw, white neck, white chest plates, along with white hands and feet. The Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Rath AF & UA


Heroes United DescriptionWhen Rath was used in Hero’s United, he did look the same but very different because his fur is a little ruffed up, the eyebrow tips are a little straight up like bat ears with an orange line on the top, veins show when he’s flexing his muscles, and the toes are pointed like claws. See image below:

Rath Heroes United


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Rath appearance is shown to be similar to his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien appearance but he now appears to be more muscular than he usually is, with eyebrows that are longer and more pointed. His fur appears to be darker and his eyebrows are also completely black (except in his first re-appearance). In the episode Secret Of Dos Santos, Skurd the slimbiot managed to fix the error that made Rath naked by giving him an outfit that is similar to a luchador (which as we all know a Luchador is a Mexican masked wrestler). The luchador out fit he’s wearing has a green and black color scheme, with black colored boots, black colored gloves, and a green and black colored luchador mask, and a luchador belt. He also wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/New Omnitrix symbol on his chest but since Skurd fixed the error on Rath the New Omnitrix symbol is now located on the luchador belt that is wrapped around his waist. See image below:

Rath OV 1

Rath OV 2


Albedo as Rath Description: When Albedo used his version of Rath in both Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, his Rath looks exactly like Ben’s Rath but the eyes are red and the Ultimatrix symbol is red as well. When he used Rath again he did still looked the same except no Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. When he used Rath for the third time in the Omniverse episode Malgax Attacks, the fur is now colored white instead of orange with red strips instead of black. Albedo’s Rath does wear clothing just like Ben’s Rath but he lacks the mask and the tank top however. He wears black colored pants with red colored gloves and black colored boots along with a red colored luchador belt with the New Ultimatrix symbol on it. See image below:

Negative Rath 1

Albedo as Rath UA 2

Negative Rath 2


Mad Ben as Rath Description: When Mad Ben used Rath in the episode And Then There Were None, his Rath does look like Ben’s except the fur is darker, he has orange colored eyes instead of green, and a spiked hair style like Mad Ben’s. Mad Rath does have Mad Ben’s Mad Max style silver plates with orange spike on the shoulder, lower arms, and calves. The Omnitrix symbol (which is orange) is located on a black pannel on the chest and is colored orange instead of green, and Mad Ben’s Rath appears to be slightly thinner than Ben’s. See image below:

Mad Rath


The Personality of Rath: The first thing about Rath’s personality is that he resembles some of the personalities from Wolverine from X-Men and a personality of a stereotypical professional wrestler. The second part of Rath’s Personality that he when he becomes extremely angry sometimes, he does get really confused about what he is trying to say. The third thing about Rath’s personality is that he knows that these metaphorical statements he uses when he talks don’t really make any sense at all, but still continues to use them while he fighting against evil villains. The fourth thing about Rath’s personality was demonstrated in the episode Prisoner Number 775 is Missing when Rath was chasing a missing alien prisoner that escaped from the remains of Area 51, it comes to show that he can even start yell at inanimate objects, such as when he started yelling at a hole he made in the ground after falling from a spaceship, threatening to destroy it and also yelling to gravity when he was falling through the air. The final thing about Rath’s personality is that when he is angry at someone or something, he usually yells a sentence that starts with the sentence, “Let me tell you something” followed by the full name of the person or his position, such as calling Khyber “self proclaimed greatest hunter of the galaxy” and Kevin as “Kevin Ethan Levin”. Rath is shown to be very direct and fearless to the point of recklessness, when he didn’t hesitate to jump down Jarrett’s throat in order to rescue the Tiffin and he also threatened to mutilate him with rearrangement of his organs into a sweater if he started a war, or about firing the Vreedle Brothers out into space after they blasted him and his tray of food and trust me you wouldn’t want to make Rath angry if knock a tray of food in his face. Over time, Ben has been able to gain slight control of Rath (as seen in the episode Duped when he was lowering his voice while answering his phone when he received a call by Gwen). Since it’s shown that Rath’s tendency of being less of a genius, Kevin couldn’t help it but mock or make fun of him. Even though we know that despite the fact that Rath is not really supposed to know anything but anger and fighting, he is shown to be very friendly towards Tiffin, though not at first when he was unlocked by the Tiffin the first time. Also the last thing about Rath’s personality is that his species wears clothes because they a highly advanced sense of shame, but as it turns out Rath lacks the strong sense of shame that most Appoplexians have, which does explain why he runs around naked. But this time Rath now has the sense of shame because Skurd fixed the error in the New Omnitrix and made Rath speak Spanish. Also when Albedo is Rath it turns out that he has more control over Rath than Ben because of his Galvan Intellect.


Special Abilities: The first two special abilities that Rath has are enhanced strength and agility. These abilities help Rath be able to jump great distances and allow him to lift up objects that are heavier than him just like the way Fourarms and Humungousaur can. Rath demonstrated this enhanced strength ability by dismembering one of the Forever Knights’ paramilitary tanks with very powerful brute force and tossing all of the extremely large pieces around (with one hand and then later with two hands for the tank’s body) with minimal to no effort in the episode Duped. He even demonstrated that power when he was juggling heavy objects thrown at him by Frightwig in the episode Something Zombozo This Way Comes. Rath’s second ability comes from the large, retractable black claws that he has on each of his wrists. Rath uses these claws to stab and slice opponents or using them to create a powerful shock wave when he stabs them into the ground and use smaller shock waves to split a big rock he’s caring in half. Also whenever Rath is getting determined or even angry, it’s shown that his claws seem to grow larger and a little longer. He also demonstrated his claws when he was trying to take apart a plumber ship in order to get inside in the episode Prisoner Number 775 is Missing. Rath’s third ability is the extremely durable skin that he has. Because he has very durable skin he is able to take a point-blank laser blast with no apparent effect, survive a free fall from several hundred feet in the air with only just a little bit of dizziness as a result, and bursting through a wall of a burning building without even a scratch. Rath’s fourth ability that he demonstrated in the Con of Rath episode was a very loud roar, but this ability is shown to be more of an intimidation tactic rather than an offensive feature against opponents. Rath’s fifth ability shows that he has got incredible chomping strength stronger than a tiger, an alligator, and a crocodile. For example he used his jaws to crush Seven Seven’s sword in the episode The Big Story. The final ability that Rath has is that even though he isn’t one of the smartest of Ben’s aliens, he can perform very skilled fighting moves with expert execution as shown as an example in the episode Above and Beyond, where he used wrestling moves in order to defeat Manny Armstrong (one of the Plumbers Kids) and he used some of his other wrestling moves to tackle a Techadon Robot in the episode Greetings from Techodon. He even used serious butt kicking moves against Animo’s mutant ants. See images below:

Rath's Powers 1

Rath's Powers 2

Rath's Powers 3

Rath's Powers 4

Rath's Powers 5

Rath's Powers 6

Rath's Powers 7

Rath's Powers 8
Rath's Powers 10

Rath's Powers 11

Rath's Powers 9
Rath's Powers 12

Rath's Powers 13

Rath's Powers 14

Rath's Powers 15

Rath's Powers 16

Rath's Powers 17

Rath's Powers 18

Rath's Powers 19

Rath's Powers 20

Rath's Powers 21

Rath's Powers 22

Rath's Powers 23

Rath's Powers 24

Rath's Powers 25

Rath's Powers 26

Rath's Powers 27

Rath's Powers 28

Rath's Powers 29

Rath's Powers 30

Rath's Powers 31

Rath's Powers 32

Rath's Powers 33

Rath's Powers 34

Rath's Powers 35

Rath's Powers 36

Rath's Powers 37

Rath's Powers 38

Rath's Powers 39

Rath's Powers 41

Rath's Powers 40

Rath's Powers 44

Rath's Powers 43

Rath's Powers 42

Rath's Powers 45

Rath's Powers 46

Rath's Powers 47

Rath's Powers 48

Rath's Powers 49

Rath's Powers 50

Rath's Powers 51

Rath's Powers 52

Rath's Powers 53

Rath's Powers 54

Rath's Powers 55

Rath's Powers 56

Rath's Powers 57

Rath's Powers 58

Rath's Powers 59

Rath's Powers 61

Rath's Powers 62

Rath's Powers 63

Rath's Powers 64

Rath's Powers 65

Rath's Powers 66

Rath's Powers 67

Rath's Powers 68

Rath's Powers 69

Rath's Powers 70

Rath's Powers 71

Rath's Powers 72

Rath's Powers 73

Rath's Powers 74

Rath's Powers 75

Rath's Powers 76

Rath's Powers 77

Rath's Powers 78
Rath's Powers 79

Rath's Powers 80

Rath's Powers 81

Rath's Powers 82

Rath's Powers 83

Rath's Powers 84


Weaknesses: Rath’s first weaknesses shows that because his brain is hardwired for aggression and such, his lack of intelligence and highly aggressive temperament causes him to become very easily distracted and very difficult for other’s to stop him once he starts picking fights with someone. His second weakness shows that if he gets trapped in a bubble when he’s talking so much he can use up all his air and pass out. This was shown in the episode The Con of Rath. His third weakness shows that because of his apparent lack of intelligence this starts convincing him to needlessly argue with inanimate objects as shown when he was moaning at the Ultimatrix in the episode Hero Time, and when he was yelling at the New Omnitrix in the episode It Was Them and in the episode Many Happy Returns as well. He almost did break Captain Nemesis’s leg because of blowing rocket fuel in his face. Also he even screamed at a Plumber Ship, gravity, the hole he made in the ground when he fell in Prisoner Number 775 is Missing, yelling at fire that got on his face and ending up punching himself in the face in the episode Many Happy Returns, the Proto-Tools’s laser pointer in the episode Catfight, and fighting with water in the episode Gone Fishin’. Also it reveals in Gone Fishin’ that Rath’s third weakness is that he’s afraid of water. His fifth weakness shows that he can be subdued by the Hephestan Near Grip as demonstrated by Khyber in the episode Predators and Prey: Part 2. Rath’s sixth weakness shows that like Wildmutt, a certain sonic frequency can be very fatal to his sensitive ears. This weakness was demonstrated in episodes Double or Nothing and Food Around the Corner. His seventh weakness is just Ben’s other aliens he has a sensitive nose. This weakness was demonstrated in the episode Something Zombozo This Way Comes. The final weakness shows that since Rath is more feline based than Rook is, he can be easily hypnotized by those who have the power to control cats like Nyancy Chan for example. See images below:

Rath's Weaknesses 1

Rath's Weaknesses 2

Rath's Weaknesses 3

Rath's Weaknesses 4

Rath's Weaknesses 5

Rath's Weaknesses 6

Rath's Weaknesses 7

Rath's Weaknesses 8

Rath's Weaknesses 9

Rath's Weaknesses 10

Rath's Weaknesses 11

Rath's Weaknesses 12

Rath's Weaknesses 13

Rath's Weaknesses 14

Rath's Weaknesses 15

Rath's Weaknesses 16

Rath's Weaknesses 17

Rath's Weaknesses 18

Rath's Weaknesses 19

Rath's Weaknesses 20

Rath's Weaknesses 21

Rath's Weaknesses 22

Rath's Weaknesses 23

Rath's Weaknesses 24

Rath's Weaknesses 25

Rath's Weaknesses 26

Rath's Weaknesses 27

Rath's Powers 38

Rath's Powers 39

Rath's Powers 40

Rath's Powers 41

Rath's Powers 42

Rath's Powers 43

Rath's Powers 44

Rath's Weaknesses 28

Rath's Weaknesses 29

Rath's Weaknesses 30

Rath's Weaknesses 31

Rath's Weaknesses 32

Rath's Weaknesses 33

Rath's Weaknesses 34

Rath's Weaknesses 35

Rath's Weaknesses 36

Rath's Weaknesses 37

Rath's Weaknesses 38

Rath's Weaknesses 39

Rath's Weaknesses 40

Rath's Weaknesses 41

Rath's Weaknesses 42

Rath's Weaknesses 43

Rath's Weaknesses 44

Rath's Weaknesses 45

Rath's Weaknesses 47

Rath's Weaknesses 46

Rath's Weaknesses 48

Rath's Weaknesses 49

Rath's Weaknesses 50

Rath's Weaknesses 51

Rath's Weaknesses 52

Rath's Weaknesses 53

Rath's Weaknesses 54

Rath's Weaknesses 55

Rath's Weaknesses 56


First Appearance: Con of Rath