When Ben faced the DNAliens and a High Breed commander he was able to use a brand new alien that had the strength and size for the job. Plus this creature is even stronger when it changes its size. This new alien he used is known as Humungousaur!

Species and Home planet: Humungousaur’s species is called a Vaxasaurian and where he comes from is a planet that is called Terradino. See images of the planet below:

Terradino 1

Terradino 2


Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Humungousaur can be described as giant dinosaur-like humanoid (because he has a somewhat humanoid body) with a hard brown lizard-like skin color that is shown to be sort of beige in color. He is about 12 feet tall but can get bigger by changing his size to 60 feet tall. When Humungousaur changes size he is shown to have some dinosaur-like features like for example stegosaur-like plates on his back, a crest that sticks out on top of his head, and four spikes on his tail along with three plates that grow on his shoulders. His arms are something similar to this. Also when he grows his look becomes more ferocious looking. The Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on this chest. See image below:

Humungousaur AF & UA


Humungosaur in Alien Swarm DescriptionWhen Ben used Humungosaur in Alien Swarm he did sort of looked the same except that his skin looked more like real life lizard skin, his green eyes where cat-like, and he didn’t speak much cause all he did was just roar. The Omnitrix symbol is still located on his chest as always. See image below:

Humungousaur AS


Heroes United DescriptionWhen Humungousaur appeared in Heroes United he did look the same except the plates on his chest now end in spikes and he also has spikes above his eyes. See image below:

Humungousaur HU


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Humungousaur’s appearance had completely changed like for example he know wears black briefs with a white band and his fingernails are a grayish instead of the brownish color he had in Alien force and Ultimate Alien. His chin is slightly bigger than usual, his green eyes in the same hue of his ammunition-like sash on his chest, and his nose has shifted to his forehead giving a bit of a similar relation to the sauropod dinosaurs. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the green ammunition-like sash on his chest. See image below:

Humungousaur Omniverse


Alpha as Humungosaur Description: When Alpha from Heroes United used his version of Humungosaur against Ben and Rex his had dark green skin, some horns, red eyes, and very sharp teeth. The fake Ultimatrix symbol on his chest is red with lines that are spread across his body. See image below:

Alpha as Humungosaur


Ben 23 as Humungosaur DescriptionWhen Ben 23 used his version of Humungosaur (which he calls Dino-Mighty) in the episode It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2, his does look similar to Ben’s except that his skin is grayish-cyan skin instead of brown, his chest a light greyish-cyan, the eyes are blue, and the ammunition-like sash is blue too. The waistband of his briefs is soft blue. Also the dimension 23 Omnitrix symbol is on his sash is with a gold riming. See image below:



Albedo as Humungosaur Description: Also when Albedo turned into Humungousaur in Alien Force his did look the same but when he used him again when he had the Ultimatrix his Humungosaur did still look the same except the Ultimatrix symbol and eyes are red. When Albedo used Humongosaur again in Omniverse his did sort of looked the same except that the skin was a darker brown color and the sash, that is red instead of green, where the new Ultimatrix symbol was in the opposite direction. See images below:

Albedo as Humungosaur 1

Albedo as Humungosaur 2

Albedo as Humungosaur 3


Special Abilities: The first ability that Humungousaur has is his super strength, which increases when he grows. With this ability Humungousaur can lift anything that’s as heavy as him like Way Big does for example. He can even use his super strength to throw an object up to a high altitude, even into near-earth orbit. His second ability comes from the thick, armored hide that he possesses. This thick, armored hide has proven to be durable enough to withstand blaster fire, energy fields, and heavy impacts that can produce any injury or damage. His third and fourth abilities show that he can do a powerful shoulder charge and make shockwaves by slamming the ground. These two abilities where demonstrated in the two Ben 10 video games Vilgax Attacks and Cosmic Destruction. He can also create shockwaves when slamming his feet on an enemy and slamming his hands together as shown in episodes Darkstar Rising and Deep. Humungousaur’s fifth ability is having the power to change his size from 12 feet to about 60 feet. As he changes his size Humungousaur generates some features that are related to Stegosaurs the roof lizard, which are plates and spikes (which I already mentioned). Humungousaur even shows that he can even generate his Stegosaurus-like features (plates and spikes on spine) without even changing his size. Humungousaur’s sixth ability shows that he’s resistant to ice as demonstrated in the Ben 10 Alien Force video game. Since he is very durable he can survive in a vacuum of space for only just a few minutes. His sixth ability that he uses is a roar that is good at scaring people off like reporters for example from the episode Fame. His seventh ability is his tail, which appears to be very powerful enough to knock away enemies easily like Malware in his third and final form for example in Showdown: Part 2.  In the episode Primus, Humungousaur’s eighth ability shows that when he charged and rammed Vilgax while running on all fours, it appeared to be in a similar fashion to a bull, rhinoceros, or a Triceratops. The ninth ability of Humungousaur shows that he’s very agile for his size as when he demonstrated a summersault in the air when he battled one of the battle horses from the Forever Knights in the episode Eye of the Beholder. In the episode Special Delivery, Humungousaur’s final abilities are enhanced jumping and a slide tackle. When jumping he uses his agility to evade an attack while he’s jumping. This was also demonstrated in Showdown: Part 2. See images below:

Humungousaur's Powers 1

Humungousaur's Powers 2

Humungousaur's Powers 3

Humungousaur's Powers 4

Humungousaur's Powers 5

Humungousaur's Powers 7

Humungousaur's Powers 6

Humungousaur's Powers 8

Humungousaur's Powers 9

Humungousaur's Powers 10

Humungousaur's Powers 11

Humungousaur's Powers 12

Humungousaur's Powers 13

Humungousaur's Powers 14

Humungousaur's Powers 15

Humungousaur's Powers 16

Humungousaur's Powers 17

Humungousaur's Powers 18

Humungousaur's Powers 19

Humungousaur's Powers 20

Humungousaur's Powers 21

Humungousaur's Powers 22

Humungousaur's Powers 23

Humungousaur's Powers 24

Humungousaur's Powers 25

Humungousaur's Powers 26

Humungousaur's Powers 27
Humungousaur's Power shockwaves 1

Humungousaur's Power shockwaves 2

Humungousaur's Powers 29

Humungousaur's Powers 30

Humungousaur's Powers 31

Humungousaur's Powers 34

Humungousaur's Powers 32

Humungousaur's Powers 33

Humungousaur's Powers 35

Humungousaur's Powers 36

Humungousaur's Powers 37

Humungousaur's Powers 38  Humungousaur's Powers 39

Humungousaur's Powers 40

Humungousaur's Powers 41

Humungousaur's Powers 42

Humungousaur's Powers 43

Humungousaur's Powers 44

Humungousaur's Powers 45

Humungousaur's Powers 46

Humungousaur's Powers 47

Humungousaur's Powers 48

Humungousaur's Powers 49

Humungousaur's Powers 50

Humungousaur's Powers 51

Humungousaur's Powers 52

Humungousaur's Powers 53

Humungousaur's Powers 54

Humungousaur's Powers 55

Humungousaur's Powers 56

Humungousaur's Powers 57

Humungousaur's Powers 58

Humungousaur's Powers 59

Humungousaur's Powers 60

Humungousaur's Powers 61

Humungousaur's Powers 62

Humungousaur's Powers 63

Humungousaur's Powers 64

Humungousaur's Powers 65

Humungousaur's Powers 66


Humungousaur’s Weaknesses: One of Humungousaur’s weaknesses is that even though his super strength is powerful it has a clear limit, as with such cases with moving and lifting beings or objects as heavy as him which is why it’s not strong enough against his natural predator Tyrannopede since he is as heavy as him. His second weakness is that because of his hulking body he is shown to be very slow. Plus his hulking body combined with his naturally large physique, it makes him a very easy target for enemy attacks. His third weakness shows that even his base size makes it very impossible for him to fit into small spaces. His fourth weakness shows that it can be hard for him to breath underwater. This was demonstrated in the episode Deep. His fifth weakness shows that he doesn’t know how strong he is as shown in the episode Vreedle, Vreedle. His fifth weakness is electricity, which can harm him if he isn’t careful. This is why electricity is his greatest weakness. His final weakness is his tail because it can cause unintentional damage if he doesn’t watch what it hits as seen in the Ben 10 Reboot episode This One Goes to 11. See images below:

Humungousaur's weaknesses 1

Humungousaur's weaknesses 2

Humungousaur's weaknesses 3

Humungousaur's weaknesses 4

Humungousaur's weaknesses 5

Humungousaur's weaknesses 6

Humungousaur's weaknesses 7

Humungousaur's weaknesses 8

Humungousaur's weaknesses 9

Humungousaur's weaknesses 10

Humungousaur's weaknesses 11

Humungousaur's weaknesses 12

Humungousaur's weaknesses 13

Humungousaur's weaknesses 14

Humungousaur's weaknesses 15

Humungousaur's weaknesses 16


First Appearance: Ben 10 Returns: Part 2