When Ben was facing Ship at the Bellwood peer he first tried to turn into Jetray but turned into a different alien instead. He also discovered that the new alien possessed a highly advanced intellect like Greymatter, which is why he named this new alien Brainstorm!

Species and Home planet: Brainstorms Species is called a Cerebrocrustacean and where he comes from is a planet that is named Encephalonus IV. See images of planet below:

Encephalonus IV 1

Encephalonus IV 2

Encephalonus IV 3


Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Brainstorm can be described as a crab humanoid with pincers for hands and six legs. He can open his skull plates on his head at will to reveal his brain, which is shown to be a pinkish color. He also speaks with a high-diction British accent. Also the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on the neck brace that helps hold up his head. See image below:

Brainstorm AF &UA 1

Brainstorm AF &UA 2


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Brainstorm wears a black loincloth with a green stripe running across it on the bottom of his body. He has a black stripe in the center of his head with a green stripe in the center of it. He now has 4 legs instead of 6 and each leg has a black stripe on its joint. The hair-like spikes on his face and forehead are now longer and his eyes are shown to be connected to a large black strip that extends around his forehead. Brainstorm also has two spikes on each of his elbows. The New Omnitrix symbol is located on a white and green neck brace. See image below:

Brainstorm OV


Albedo as Brainstorm DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Brainstorm in Ultimate Alien, his did look exactly like Ben’s Brainstorm, except the eyes are red instead of green and there’s no Ultimatrix symbol on the black and white belt around his waist. When Albedo used Brainstorm again in Omniverse his did still look like Ben’s except his color scheme is a pale pink. The teeth have a yellowish color instead of the clean white color and the stripes are red and black instead of green and black. He wears the New Ultimatrix symbol on a neck brace that’s red and white instead of green and white. See images below:

Albedo as Brainstorm


Special Abilities: Brainstorm’s first ability is his immense brain that gives him super-massive intelligence. With this intelligence it help Brainstorm solve any difficult calculations mentally in roughly seconds as shown in the episode The Vengers. As seen in the episode Greetings From Techadon, he knows how to solve complex angular physics, and can visualize equations and movement of objects as if they’re actually there. He can even determine the mechanical values and physical properties simply by just looking at them. Also with this enhanced intellect, Brainstorm can perfectly understand the mindsets and mannerisms of his enemies, and any useful objects around him, so he can know exactly what move to make to take down his enemies. It also shows that when Brainstorm battle the Vengers, his IQ was shown to be 10^30, or one nonillion. Brainstorm’s second ability shows that he’s capable of producing and manipulating electricity (yellow and blue in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien and green in Omniverse) in a variety of useful forms, which include shoving or launching enemies, shocking enemies, creating protective coatings, and creating force fields of energy, by opening the exoskeleton plates on his skull. Also he can even shoot electricity while the plates on his brains are closed (as demonstrated by Albedo). He third ability shows that he can even generate electricity from his pincers without needing to open his skull plates. He fourth ability shows that he can control machinery and similar things using his electro kinesis ability, giving him a form of techno kinesis. As shown in Vilgax Attacks video game, Brainstorm’s fifth ability shows that he can launch energy bolts and create very large energy blasts. He can use his electro kinesis to telekinetically move objects, size and mass ranging from trains to living beings. Brainstorm’s sixth ability is his pincers, which appear to be strong enough to crush a refrigerator (which means he has enhanced strength). In the episode Inferno, Brainstorm also displayed the ability to levitate above the ground. His final ability shows that he’s able to scale walls and walk on Spidermonkey’s webs. See images below:

Brainstorm's Powers 1

Brainstorm's Powers 2

Brainstorm's Powers 3

Brainstorm's Powers 4

Brainstorm's Powers 5

Brainstorm's Powers 6

Brainstorm's Powers 7

Brainstorm's Powers 8

Brainstorm's Powers 9

Brainstorm's Powers 10

Brainstorm's Powers 11

Brainstorm's Powers 12

Brainstorm's Powers 13

Brainstorm's Powers 14

Brainstorm's Powers 15

Brainstorm's Powers 16

Brainstorm's Powers 17

Brainstorm's Powers 18

Brainstorm's Powers 19

Brainstorm's Powers 20

Brainstorm's Powers 21

Brainstorm's Powers 22

Brainstorm's Powers 23

Brainstorm's Powers 24

Brainstorm's Powers 25

Brainstorm's Powers 26

Brainstorm's Powers 27

Brainstorm's Powers 28

Brainstorm's Powers 29

Brainstorm's Powers 30

Brainstorm's Powers 31

Brainstorm's Powers 32

Brainstorm's Powers 33

Brainstorm's Powers 34

Brainstorm's Powers 35

Brainstorm's Powers 36

Brainstorm's Powers 37

Brainstorm's Powers 38

Brainstorm's Powers 39

Brainstorm's Powers 40

Brainstorm's Powers 41

Brainstorm's Powers 42

Brainstorm's Powers 43

Brainstorm's Powers 44

Brainstorm's Powers 45

Brainstorm's Powers 46

Brainstorm's Powers 47

Brainstorm's Powers 48

Brainstorm's Powers 49

Brainstorm's Powers 50

Brainstorm's Powers 51

Brainstorm's Powers 52

Brainstorm's Powers 53

Brainstorm's Powers 54

Brainstorm's Powers 55

Brainstorm's Powers 56

Brainstorm's Powers 57

Brainstorm's Powers 58

Brainstorm's Powers 59

Brainstorm's Powers 60

Brainstorm's Powers 61

Brainstorm's Powers 62

Brainstorm's Powers 63

Brainstorm's Powers 64


Weaknesses: The first of Brainstorm’s weaknesses was demonstrated Albedo because when he used Echo Echo it turns out that Echo Echo’s sonic screams can give Brainstorm quite a headache and it makes this very hard for Brainstorm to concentrate. Brainstorm’s second weakness shows that he does tend to be egotistical which does make him forget to do the simplest things, as seen in the episode, Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2. For example when Brainstorm was too busy planning an attack on an escaped Spidermonkey he almost forgot that he was suppose to scan him when he got webbed down. His third weakness shows that if his shell flaps on his head are closed when releasing electricity, it will shock and injure his brain as demonstrated by Dr. Psychobos when Rook landed hard on the shell flaps in the episode The Frogs of War. His fourth weakness shows that Brainstorm can be shorted out due to the electricity in his brain as demonstrated in the episode Fused when Brainstorm battled Aggregor and was defeated. Since he is a Cerebrocrustacean, his final weakness shows that he’s vulnerable to his natural predator, Vicetopus. See images below:

Brainstorm's weaknesses 1
Brainstorm's weaknesses 2

Brainstorm's weaknesses 3

Brainstorm's weaknesses 4

Brainstorm's weaknesses 5

Brainstorm's weaknesses 6

Brainstorm's weaknesses 7

Brainstorm's weaknesses 8

Brainstorm's weaknesses 9

Brainstorm's weaknesses 10

Brainstorm's weaknesses 11

Brainstorm's weaknesses 12

Brainstorm's weaknesses 13

Brainstorm's weaknesses 14

Brainstorm's weaknesses 15

Brainstorm's weaknesses 16

Brainstorm's weaknesses 17

Brainstorm's weaknesses 18

Brainstorm's weaknesses 22

Brainstorm's weaknesses 19

Brainstorm's weaknesses 21

Brainstorm's weaknesses 20

Brainstorm's weaknesses 23

Brainstorm's weaknesses 24

Brainstorm's weaknesses 25

Brainstorm's weaknesses 26

Brainstorm's weaknesses 27

Brainstorm's weaknesses 28

Brainstorm's weaknesses 29

Brainstorm's weaknesses 30

Brainstorm's weaknesses 31

Brainstorm's weaknesses 32

Brainstorm's weaknesses 33

Brainstorm's weaknesses 34 (Vicetopus)


First Appearance: Pier Pressure