When Ben was facing a blue Techodon robot he was able use an alien that was able to destroy it from the inside out. This new alien he used against the Techodon robot is named Goop!

Species and Home planet: Goop’s species is called Polymorph and where he comes from is a planet called Viscosia. No known images of this planet.

Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Goop can be described, as a humanoid pile of goo that can be able to take on any shape at will. He uses an Anti-Gravity Projector, which allows him to be mobile in Earth’s gravity, and helps project his voice so that he can speak. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Goop (AF &UA)


Omniverse description: In Omniverse Goop is redesigned with a nose-like beak and he has what looks like an amoeba-like shape. His Anti-Gravity Projector has also been redesigned, and the New Omnitrix symbol is now located on the top of it. When Goop is speaking, he sounds like a crackle of static, which is like hearing something that is heard at the end of each line as if he is speaking through a walkie-talkie. See image below:

Goop (Omniverse)


Albedo as Goop DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Goop in Omniverse his did look the same as Ben’s except the body is red instead of green and the Anti-Gravity Projector is white on the top with a red light on the bottom instead of a green light. Just like Ben’s Goop the New Ultimatrix symbol is located on the top of the Anti-Gravity Projector. See image below:

Albedo as Goop in Omniverse


Special Abilities: Goop’s first ability is his gooey liquid body because since the goo is part of his body it’s shown that it’s indestructible or at least intangible, making it difficult for any enemy to defeat Goop when trying to attack his body with laser weapons, swords, or fists. In the Vilgax Attacks video game, it shows that Goop’s other three abilities that he’ s capable of are throwing blobs of goo, spraying acid from his hands, and also rotating his feet around just like helicopter blades to damage any enemies that come near him. When Goop was fighting Albedo, he was able to demonstrate his fourth ability of being able to generate slime and shoot it from any part of his body. This slime that he generates and shoots with, can either have acidic or sticky adhesive properties. Using the slime regularly allows Goop to fire it in continuous streams similar to that of a water hose or fire it as blob-like projectiles and it’s even good at trapping enemies. Using the slime in the acidic property allows Goop to dissolve a large variety of materials, which makes himself and his touch acidic if he wills it. The slime is also good for some other things too, like when Goop failed to stop Exoskull and Subdora and where escaping Exoskull stepped in the slime and left foot prints behind. Goop’s fifth ability shows that he can stretch, bend, and even deform himself in any shape or form he wants. Goop’s final ability shows that can regenerate and rebuild himself with ease thanks to the Anti-Gravity Projector on his head. See images below:

Goop's Powers 1

Goop's Powers 2

Goop's Powers 3

Goop's Powers 4

Goop's Powers 5

Goop's Powers 6

Goop's Powers 7

Goop's Powers 8

Goop's Powers 9

Goop's Powers 10

Goop's Powers 11

Goop's Powers 12

Goop's Powers 13

Goop's Powers 14

Goop's Powers 15

Goop's Powers 16

Goop's Powers 17

Goop's Powers 18

Goop's Powers 19

Goop's Powers 20

Goop's Powers 21

Goop's Powers 22

Goop's Powers 48

Goop's Powers 23

Goop's Powers 24

Goop's Powers 25

Goop's Powers 26

Goop's Powers 27

Goop's Powers 28

Goop's Powers 29

Goop's Powers 30

Goop's Powers 31

Goop's Powers 32

Goop's Powers 33

Goop's Powers 34

Goop's Powers 35

Goop's Powers 36

Goop's Powers 37

Goop's Powers 38

Goop's Powers 39

Goop's Powers 40

Goop's Powers 41

Goop's Powers 42

Goop's Powers 43

Goop's Powers 44

Goop's Powers 45

Goop's Powers 46

Goop's Powers 47

Goop's Powers 49

Goop's Powers 50

Goop's Powers 51

Goop's Powers 52

Goop's Powers 53

Goop's Powers 54

Goop's Powers 55

Goop's Powers 56

Goop's Powers 57

Goop's Powers 58

Goop's Powers 59

Goop's Powers 60


Other Special Abilities from Anti-Gravity Projector: Goop’s other abilities that he has come from the Anti-Gravity Projector on his head. The first ability of the projector allows Goop to manipulate his slime by changing his shape, form, length width, and height at will, as well as granting him the ability to fly. But if Goop is separated from the projector by even two feet, Goop’s body will become inert until the projector is able recollect it. Also if Goop looses the projector than the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix would create a new one. The second ability of the Anti-Gravity Projector gives Goop enough inhuman strength to dismantle a Techadon robot from the inside out and even effortlessly subdue anybody like Magister Prior Gilhil, a plumber who could effortlessly overpower an armored Kevin. Even the projector gives Goop the strength to punch both Exoskull and Subdora really hard. The projector has even helped Goop defeat both Gwen and Kevin in combat with his both his strength and slime. Goop did also use his projector to help place Ripjaws’s water planet back together after Aggregor stole the piece of the Map of Inifinity that held the planet together. The final ability of the projector allows Goop to use it to launch it at enemies in order to attack them, the edges being razor-sharp, as shown in the episode The Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2. See images below:

AGP's Powers 1

AGP's Powers 2

AGP's Powers 3

AGP's Powers 4

AGP's Powers 5

AGP's Powers 6

AGP's Powers 7

AGP's Powers 8

AGP's Powers 9

AGP's Powers 10

AGP's Powers 11

AGP's Powers 12

AGP's Powers 13

AGP's Powers 14

AGP's Powers 15

AGP's Powers 16

AGP's Powers 17

AGP's Powers 18

AGP's Powers 19

AGP's Powers 20

AGP's Powers 21

AGP's Powers 22

AGP's Powers 23

AGP's Powers 24

AGP's Powers 25

AGP's Powers 26

AGP's Powers 27

AGP's Powers 28

AGP's Powers 29

AGP's Powers 30

AGP's Powers 31

AGP's Powers 32

AGP's Powers 33

AGP's Powers 34

AGP's Powers 35

AGP's Powers 36

AGP's Powers 37

AGP's Powers 38

AGP's Powers 39

AGP's Powers 40

AGP's Powers 41

AGP's Powers 42

AGP's Powers 43

AGP's Powers 44

AGP's Powers 45

AGP's Powers 46

AGP's Powers 47

AGP's Powers 48

AGP's Powers 49

AGP's Powers 50

AGP's Powers 51

AGP's Powers 52

AGP's Powers 53

AGP's Powers 54

AGP's Powers 55

AGP's Powers 56

AGP's Powers 57

AGP's Powers 58

AGP's Powers 59

AGP's Powers 60

AGP's Powers 61

AGP's Powers 62

AGP's Powers 63

AGP's Powers 64

AGP's Powers 65

AGP's Powers 66

AGP's Powers 67

AGP's Powers 68 AGP's Powers 69

AGP's Powers 70

AGP's Powers 71

AGP's Powers 72

AGP's Powers 73

AGP's Powers 74

AGP's Powers 75

AGP's Powers 76

AGP's Powers 77

AGP's Powers 78

AGP's Powers 79

AGP's Powers 80

AGP's Powers 81

AGP's Powers 82

AGP's Powers 83

AGP's Powers 84

AGP's Powers 85

AGP's Powers 86

AGP's Powers 87

AGP's Powers 88

AGP's Powers 89

AGP's Powers 90

AGP's Powers 91

AGP's Powers 92

AGP's Powers 93
AGP's Powers 94

AGP's Powers 95

AGP's Powers 96


Weaknesses: Goop’s first weaknesses shows that he is limited to his Anti-Gravity Projector that helps control his body. If it’s separated by two feet more, or if it’s turned off, Goop’s body will go completely inert until the projector recollects it (this I already mentioned before). Goop’s second weakness shows that he can be hurt by being spun around really fast in a centrifuge. This can cause him to begin separating into his constituent compounds. In Alien Force / Ultimate Alien, Goop’s third weakness comes to show that because of his slimy body, Goop’s Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol could be easily pulled off, reverting the person or alien to normal and removing the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix from the user. But in Omniverse, when the Omnitrix was switch to the top of the Anti-Gravity Projector that old weakness that Goop has is now eliminated meaning it doesn’t exist anymore. His fourth weakness shows that though he can reform from being attacked, he can’t reform if he’s being attacked continuously, such as when Albedo used Humungousaur’s strength in Good Copy, Bad Copy. His fifth weakness shows that he can easily be defeated by Ultimate Albedo’s third eye beam as seen in the episode A Fistful of Brains. His final weakness shows that if his projector is spun around it can cause Goop to explode as seen in the episode It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1. See images below:

Goop's Powers 58

Goop's Powers 59

Goop's Powers 60

Goop's Weaknesses 1

Goop's Weaknesses 2

Goop's Weaknesses 3

Goop's Weaknesses 4

Goop's Weaknesses 5

Goop's Weaknesses 6

Goop's Weaknesses 7

Goop's Weaknesses 8

Goop's Weaknesses 9

Goop's Weaknesses 10

Goop's Weaknesses 11

Goop's Weaknesses 12

Goop's Weaknesses 13

Goop's Weaknesses 14

Goop's Weaknesses 15

Goop's Weaknesses 16

Goop's Weaknesses 17

Goop's Weaknesses 18

Goop's Weaknesses 19

Goop's Weaknesses 20

Goop (Omniverse)

Goop's Weaknesses 21

Goop's Weaknesses 22

Goop's Weaknesses 23

Goop's Weaknesses 24

Goop's Weaknesses 25

Goop's Weaknesses 26

Goop's Weaknesses 27

Goop's Weaknesses 28

Goop's Weaknesses 29

Goop's Weaknesses 30

Goop's Weaknesses 31

Goop's Weaknesses 32


First Appearance: The Gauntlet