When Ben was fighting Psyphon who was supercharged with a dwarf star, Ben knew that if he could fight the star off of Psyphon’s chest then he would have to scare if off of him and the only alien that had the potential of giving someone quite a scare is the new alien Toepick.

Species and Home Planet: Toepick’s species is unknown and the home planet of where he comes from is unknown. No known images of planet.

Description (Omniverse): Toepick can be described as a green-skinned oger-like alien with a green colored metal cage helmet with two horns that protrude out form the sides, a crest that resembles a toenail in shape, the cage door has five bars three of which are in the center of the cage door,  the door opens in two halves, with the lock in the very center of it, staying on the right half, and connected to this cage is his armor, which wraps around his shoulders and goes halfway down his chest. Toepick’s armor is connected to his pants by chains, the pants are a simple pair of black colored underpants, with a metal waistline that matches the color of his armor, the arms are long and misshapen, with weed like spikes coming out of them, and his fingertips appear to be sharp and pointy. He also has a visible belly button, glowing green eyes can be seen through the bars of his helmat and inside his helmet is a terrifying face that is too scary to even look at. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on helmet’s extension that covers his chest, along with two green colored metallic-like protrusions that are accompanying the symbol on both of the sides. See image below:



Special abilities: The only special ability that Toepick has is his face that is so terrifying, horrifying, and hideous that, according to Derrick, no being in the known universe can look at that face without some adverse effects which include fear, sickness, or even madness. Topick’s face has the potential to scare his victims into being pale white as a sheet or a ghost, as shown for the reactions of Psyphon, Zombozo, and Argit when Ben used him. This was first shown when Toepick was showing his face to Psyphon who was Dwarf Star-powered, he was so terrified that he begged Toepick to leave him alone (in-between screams of terror). Even Zombozo, who was feeding off on the fear of Ben and the citizens of Bellwood, he found it very impossible to not be scared of Toepick’s face. When Argit saw Toepick’s face he suffered sickness from seeing it, and because of that he managed to vomit several things he had eaten which included a hydrated techadon cube. See images below:

Toepick's powers 1

Toepick's powers 2

Toepick's powers 3

Toepick's powers 4

Toepick's powers 5

Toepick's powers 6

Toepick's powers 7

Toepick's powers 8

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Toepick's powers 33

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Toepick's powers 35

Toepick's powers 36


Weaknesses: One of Toepick’s weaknesses is his own face because if looks into something reflective like a mirror he would be terrified. His second weakness is that eue to him being topheavy, he can lose balance easily as seen in the episode Something Zombozo This Way Comes, when he almost tumbled over as soon as he transformed. His third weakness is that when it comes to faceing enemies with blind eyes or ones that have no eyes like Vulpimancers for example are immune to Toepick’s face since they have no eyes and can’t even see. His fourth weakness is beings that lack sapient emotion or survival instincts, such as drones and robots for example. This means that since that robots lack emotions and survival instincts they appear to be immune to Toepick’s face as well. However, according to Matt Wayne, this would invoke some sort of defensive reaction from them. Toepick’s fifth weakness is that apart from having an extremely scary face, it’s shown that he seems to have no other skills in combat, which can make it very possible to defeat him by sneaking up on him and attacking before he has time to open the helmat cage. Toepick’s final weakness is that according to Derrick J. Wyatt, Ma Vreedle doesn’t appear to be so scared of Toepick’s face. See images below:

Toepick's Weaknesses 1

Toepick's Weaknesses 2

Toepick's Weaknesses 3

Wildmutt's Powers 6

Toepick's Weaknesses 4

Toepick's powers 2

Toepick's powers 3

Toepick's powers 4

Toepick's powers 5

Ma Vreedle


First appearance: Special Delivery