When Ben was battling an alien tech robot that the Forever Knights were trying to get he used an alien that can generate high powered winds and make itself look like a fan when it’s ready to blow it’s enemies away. This new alien that Ben’s Ultimatrix absorbed from the DNA of Galapagus on the escaped fugitives from Agreggor is named Terraspin!

Species and home planet: Terraspin’s species is called Geochelone Aerio and where he comes from is a planet called Aldabra that appears to be in the Andromeda galaxy. See images of planet below:



Mental note: The thing about Terraspin’s species is that they are a non-violent race; they prefer to spend their time eating grass on their home planet, and debating philosophy with each other. Also Terraspin’s species appears to enjoy being in groups just like the way that our animals do on Earth.


Description (Ultimate Alien): Terraspin can be described as a bipedal tortoise-like alien with eight holes on his shell, tan/brown skin, large flipper-like arms, stumpy legs, and has three holes that can extend into three finger-like claws for him to use as fingers if he wants’ to type something into a computer or if he is trying to reach for something. Also the Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:



Omniverse description: In Omniverse, Terraspin appears to have six holes now instead of eight, brown spots on his upper legs, toes, and shoulders. His body shape is now hexagonal instead of circular. The black stripes that are under his green eyes are now thick instead of thin and his skin in now a green color instead of the tan/brown skin color. Also his feet have now gained toes as well. The New Omnitrix symbol is located (as always) on his chest. See image below:



Special Abilities: Terraspin’s first ability is creating high powered devastating winds that can really blow opponents away, but in order for Terraspin to use his high powered wind ability he must first, retract his head into his shell and open a hatch to see, then his fins become a triangular shape, and his legs also combine to become the very same similar triangular shape as well. Next his shell will then stay static and suspended above the ground while his limbs rotate at absurd speeds like a fan and finally the holes on Terraspin’s chest eject the strong high powered winds (that can be in any form) as well as doing the vice versa of making strong vacuums to suck things in. In the Ben 10 video game Cosmic Destruction it comes to show that Terraspin’s second ability is that he can use his wind ability to blast himself forward and going forward up ramps. His third ability shows that he can use his winds to fly, blowing air to hover over the surface and uses his rotating limbs as propellers. In the episode Escape from Agreggor, it’s revealed that Terraspin’s fourth ability is that he does have superhuman strength as demonstrated by Galapagus (one of the five alien fugitives) when he was picking up a car and throwing it. Terraspin’s fifth ability shows that he also has superhuman durability when he is completely withdrawn into his shell. Terraspin’s sixth ability shows that he can extend the black holes at the tips of his flippers into finger-like claws (this was demonstrated by Galapagus in the episode Escape From Aggregor). Terraspin’s seventh ability shows that like Geochelone Aerios he’s capable of using magic but the problem is that he doesn’t know how to use it yet. Terraspin’s final ability shows that he has the ability to be immune to spells, mana, and poisonous gas. See images below:

Terraspin's Powers 1

Terraspin's Powers 2

Terraspin's Powers 3

Terraspin's Powers 4

Terraspin's Powers 5

Terraspin's Powers 6

Terraspin's Powers 7

Terraspin's Powers 10

Terraspin's Powers 9

Terraspin's Powers 8

Terraspin's Powers 11

Terraspin's Powers 12

Terraspin's Powers 13

Terraspin's Powers 14

Terraspin's Powers 15

Terraspin's Powers 16

Terraspin's Powers 17

Terraspin's Powers 18

Terraspin's Powers 19

Terraspin's Powers 20

Terraspin's Powers 21

Terraspin's Powers 30

Terraspin's Powers 22

Terraspin's Powers 23

Terraspin's Powers 24

Terraspin's Powers 25

Terraspin's Powers 26

Terraspin's Powers 27

Terraspin's Powers 28

Terraspin's Powers 29

Terraspin's Powers 31
Terraspin's Powers 32

Terraspin's Powers 33

Terraspin's Powers 36

Terraspin's Powers 34

Terraspin's Powers 35


Weaknesses: Terraspin’s first weakness is the holes on his chest because if the holes are blocked up then his wind power will decrease. His second weaknesses shows that if he gets stuck to something and can’t spin his arms and legs, then his wind powers will be decreased even further. Terraspin’s third weakness is that when he is flying above the ground it’s shown that his body is cumbersome and not very agile. His fourth weakness shows that while he’s flying the position of his face gives him a very big blind spot and it’s very hard to see what’s behind him so he has to turn his entire body in order for him to see what’s behind him. Also Terraspin’s fifth weakness is that if a small object hits his shell or if something gets stuck in the holes (which can be very uncomfortable) then that means it gives him a reaction to stop spinning his arms and legs straight away in the nick of time and remove the obstruction quickly. His final weakness shows that if he forgets to use his magic immunity ability then he can be very vulnerable to spells and mana. See images below:

Terraspin's Weaknesses 1

Terraspin's Weaknesses 2

Terraspin's Weaknesses 3

Terraspin's Weaknesses 4

Terraspin's Weaknesses 5

Terraspin's Weaknesses 6

Terraspin's Weaknesses 7

Terraspin's Weaknesses 8

Terraspin's Weaknesses 9

Terraspin's Weaknesses 10

Terraspin's Weaknesses 11

Terraspin's Weaknesses 12

Terraspin's Weaknesses 13


First Appearance: Reflected Glory