Echo Echo

Echo Echo

While Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and plumber friend were looking around for the Lazar lances that Kevin sold to the Forever Knight’s (and still trying to look for Max) they met a giant robotic dragon in one of the Forever Knight’s castle. Ben searched for an alien that would be good enough to fight the dragon and the new alien he choose was Echo Echo!

Species and Home planet: Echo Echo species is called a Sonorosian and where he comes from is a planet that’s called Sonorosia. No image of this planet is available.

Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Echo Echo can be described as a small white alien whose body looks like a living amplifier. As you can see Echo Echo is actually made of living sonic waves that is contained in a suit that’s made of a silicon substance. One of his most noticeable features about him is a square appendage that resembles an MP3 player on his back with a port on it – decorated with a number 10 symbol. He also has what looks like cassette tapes on his lower legs and he has circle-shaped indents on the back of his hands which are green. His mouth on the inside is green with lines that give it the appearance of an amplifier. When he speaks his voice is shown to be very high-pitched and tiny, but can became slightly lower if he lowers the volume of his voice. The Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Echo Echo AF & UA


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Echo Echo’s appearance changed like lets say his eyes for example. His eyes are now shown to be bulged out and are more line-like with two black stripes on both of his earplugs that are attached to his head. Also the earplugs are more pronounced and cube-shaped. His legs are also a little bit more stubby than they usually were and the green circles on his hands are now bigger and cover most of his hands. He is also shown to be a bit shorter that usual and on his stomach is a hexagonal shape. The tapes that used to be on his legs are now gone. His voice (when he’s speaking) sounds like more of a robotic voice now and it echoes out more sounding like he’s speaking through a portable microphone. His head is more cube-shaped and wider and the outlines of his mouth and eyes are thicker, even his wires are more thicker than usual too. The New Omnitrix symbol is located on either his chest or on top of his head like the way it was on Ditto. See image below:

Echo Echo Omniverse


Special Abilities: The first that Echo Echo has is his sound waves. This sound wave ability that Echo Echo uses when he screams at an ultrasonic frequencies are shown to be capable of overloading machinery and stopping projectiles in mid-flight. His second special ability shows that he has a self-duplication ability similar to Ditto’s, but differently because his clones are not really like Ditto’s clones in any way. Also Echo Echo shows that he can duplicate himself much faster than the way Ditto does when he duplicates himself. With these two abilities Echo Echo shows that he can combine these abilities, like for example Echo Echo can create move that is called a “Wall of Sound“. With this “Wall of Sound” ability Echo Echo can redirect any projectiles back to their source of where they came from by bouncing them off of each strategically placed Echo Echo (like having light or lasers bounce off mirrors). Another sound ability that Echo Echo creates is called an “Echo Chamber“. That ability has him attack from all directions and keep screaming until the target is either knocked out or defeated. Echo Echo’s third sound ability shows that he can even create force fields with his sonic screams. His sound ability can even allow Echo Echo to detect the slightest vibrations from the ground. With his sound waves Echo Echo can use his kind echolocation like the way dolphins and bats do. He demonstrated this in the episode Alone Together. He can also channel vibrations to enhance his screams, as seen in the episode Undercover. Echo Echo demonstrated that he can even transmit his sound waves through speakers (such as phones), as seen in the episode Grounded. Echo Echo’s third ability shows he’s quite agile. Echo Echo’s final ability shows that he seems to have a lot more strength than his size suggests. He demonstrated this by kicking off the trunk door from Ben’s car with only one foot and throwing a Plumber Ship into the air about a meter with nine Echo Echo clones helping him in the episode Prisoner Number 775 is Missing. See images below:

Echo Echo's Powers 1

Echo Echo's Powers 2

Echo Echo's Powers 3

Echo Echo's Powers 4

Echo Echo's Powers 5

Echo Echo's Powers 6

Echo Echo's Powers 7

Echo Echo's Powers 8

Echo Echo's Powers 9

Echo Echo's Powers 10

Echo Echo's Powers 11

Echo Echo's Powers 12

Echo Echo's Powers 13

Echo Echo's Powers 14

Echo Echo's Powers 15

Echo Echo's Powers 16

Echo Echo's Powers 17

Echo Echo's Powers 18

Echo Echo's Powers 19

Echo Echo's Powers 20

Echo Echo's Powers 21

Echo Echo's Powers 22

Echo Echo's Powers 23

Echo Echo's Powers 24

Echo Echo's Powers 25

Echo Echo's Powers 26

Echo Echo's Powers 27

Echo Echo's Powers 28

Echo Echo's Powers 29

Echo Echo's Powers 30

Echo Echo's Powers 2

Echo Echo's Powers 31

Echo Echo's Powers 32

Echo Echo's Powers 33

Echo Echo's Powers 34

Echo Echo's Powers 35

Echo Echo's Powers 36

Echo Echo's Powers 37

Echo Echo's Powers 38

Echo Echo's Powers 39

Echo Echo's Powers 40


Weaknesses: The first known weakness that Echo Echo has is that he is shown to have a very fragile body which easily be can be destroyed in battle. This was demonstrated by Ultimate Kevin when he destroyed several Echo Echo clones using Jetray’s neuroshock blast ability and by Sundar’s axe. His second weakness is his sound waves because though his sound waves are good in a fight they are very loud so cover ears. This was demonstrated in Ben 10 Returns Part: 2. His third weakness shows that he can be subjected to Argit’s quills meaning if he’s shot with one if he isn’t careful he will fall asleep instantly. This was demonstrated in the episode Kevin’s Big Score. His final weakness shows that in the episode The Enemy of my Enemy, when Echo Echo used his sound powers to contain and stabilize an exploding bomb but his sound powers weren’t sting enough until he switched into Ultimate Echo Echo. See images below:

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 1

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 2

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 3

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 4

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 5

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 6

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 7

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 8

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 9

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 10

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 11

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 12

Echo Echo's Weaknesses 13


First Appearance: Ben 10 Returns: Part 2