When Ben was trying to stop Animo and his future self from getting the A.R.C. project in the episode Animo Crackers, he transformed into a new alien that was shown to prove very useful in stopping both Animos. This new alien that Ben unlocked is named Gutrot!

Species and Home planet: Gutrot’s species appears to be unknown and the home planet of where he comes from his unknown. No known images of planet:

Description (Omniverse): Gutrot can be described as a mechanical humanoid alien in a green colored outfit, with an exception of his head and shoulders being a bluish-purple color, four fingers on each hand, which are shown to be apparently gloved, and he has nozzles/openings(just like Water Hazard), which he is uses to eject gas. Two of these nozzles/openings are located on both of his arms, one is located of each of his sholders, three are located on the rim between his shoulders, three are located on top of his head, one is located of his back, and one is located in very center of his posterior. He wears a green and white colored belt with a window on his stomach so the gases that he is using can be seen clearly. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on what appears to be some kind of gas mask in front of his mouth. See image below:



Nega Ben as Gutrot Description: When Nega Ben (one of Ben’s evil counter parts of another dimension) used his version of Gutrot in the episode And Then There Where None, his Gutrot looked just like Ben’s Gutrot except the skin is more of a pink color instead of the bluish-purple color, the eyes are a grey color instead of a green color, the outfit is a pale blue color not green, and the Omnitrix symbol is also a grey color as well. See image below:

Nega Gutrot


Personality: Gutrot’s personality shows that he has a cynical sense of humor and he speaks in a gruff tone.


Special abilities: The thing about Gutrot is that his innards contain various gaseous elements which make him a walking chemical laboratory. This means that he has the ability to combine various chemicals of almost any type and expeling them as gas from the nozzles/openings on his body which he uses for both offense and defense. The different types of gases that Gutrot uses are Sulphur Dioxide which is a highly combustible and toxic gas that has a very pungent smell that can be used as a form of tear gas, Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) which can be used to incapacitate an opponent by making them laugh uncontrollably, Fluoromethyl-hexafluoro-isopropyl-ether (also known as sevoflurane) which can be normally used as an anesthetic, but also is useful as a knockout gas that can enduce short-term memory loss as a side-effect, To’kustar pheromone which can be used to attract a Toku’star, which causes it to follow Gutrot where ever he wishes to direct it, Corrosive gas which has acidic properties so you have better watch out for that, and finally Sleeping Gas which can be used to put an oponent to sleep. The strength of the gases that Gutrot is using depends on the amount that has been expelled and their chemical makeup. Another ability that Gutrot has is a very advanced knowledge of chemistry as well as the effects the gases would do to someone when he is using it. This type of knowledge that he has seems to be innate since when Ben as Gutrot told Rook not to ask how he knew or how he did it, which indicates that like the time when he turned into Grey Matter, he didn’t not fully understand what he is doing from his personal view. Furthermore, Gutrot does appear to be very intelligent in general, as when he was discussing the ramifications of time travel with Rook and Spanner, as well as explaining that hitting someone on the head would simply result in getting the person a concussion rather then getting amnesia in the episode Animo Crackers. When Gutrot was using pheromone gas on the Waybads this also demonstrates that he has some degree of biological knowledge, given that he can understand a species well enough to create a gas that specifically targeted it. See images below:

Images of Gutrot’s Tear Gas:

Gutrot's Powers 1

Gutrot's Powers 2

Gutrot's Powers 3

Gutrot's Powers 4

Gutrot's Powers 5

Gutrot's Powers 6

Gutrot's Powers 7


Images of Gutrot’s Laughing Gas:


Gutrot's Powers 9

Gutrot's Powers 10

Gutrot's Powers 11

Gutrot's Powers 12

Gutrot's Powers 13

Gutrot's Powers 14

Gutrot's Powers 15

Gutrot's Powers 16


Images of Gutrot’s Knockout Gas:

Gutrot's Powers 17

Gutrot's Powers 18

Gutrot's Powers 19

Gutrot's Powers 20

Gutrot's Powers 21

Gutrot's Powers 22

Gutrot's Powers 23


Images of Gutrot’s To’kustar pheromone Gas:

Gutrot's Powers 24

Gutrot's Powers 25

Gutrot's Powers 26

Gutrot's Powers 27

Gutrot's Powers 28

Gutrot's Powers 29

Gutrot's Powers 30

Gutrot's Powers 31

Gutrot's Powers 32

Gutrot's Powers 33


Images of Gutrot’s Corrosive Gas:

Gutrot's Powers 34

Gutrot's Powers 35

Gutrot's Powers 36

Gutrot's Powers 37

Gutrot's Powers 38

Gutrot's Powers 39

Gutrot's Powers 40

Gutrot's Powers 41

Gutrot's Powers 42


Images of Gutrot’s Sleeping Gas:

Gutrot's Powers 43


Knowledge of Gasses and other things:

Gutrot's Powers 44

Gutrot's Powers 45

Gutrot's Powers 48

Gutrot's Powers 47

Gutrot's Powers 46

Gutrot's Powers 50

Gutrot's Powers 49

Gutrot's Powers 51

Gutrot's Powers 52

Gutrot's Powers 53

Gutrot's Powers 54


Weaknesses: One of Gutrot’s weaknesses is that when he is using his gas powers they can make a large cloud, which is susceptible to prevailing winds that can very much endanger any innocent bystanders. His second weakness some of his gases appear to be flammable like methane gas for example, so he has to be careful in situations. His final weakness is that some opponents who are able to effectively shield themselves when using a gas mask or insulation are immune to his gas attacks. See images below:

Gutrot's Weaknesses 1

Gutrot's Weaknesses 2

Gutrot's Weaknesses 3

Gutrot's Weaknesses 4

Gutrot's Weaknesses 5

Gutrot's Weaknesses 6

Gutrot's Weaknesses 7

Gutrot's Weaknesses 8

Gutrot's Weaknesses 9

Gutrot's Weaknesses 10

Gutrot's Weaknesses 11


First appearance: Animo Crackers