Water Hazard

Water Hazard

When Ben was fighting Pandor (one of the five alien fugitives that escaped from Aggregor), he tried to convince Pandor to go home by using an alien that looked like Pandor’s friend Bivalvan. This new alien is named Water Hazard.

Species and home planet: Water Hazard’s species is called an Orishan and he comes from an unknown planet that is in the Andromeda galaxy. No known images of this planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): Water Hazard can be described as a humanoid mollusk with red armor, green eyes, a mouth that doesn’t move when he speaks, and small grey spikes that are behind his legs and on top of his arms. On his shoulders and legs are black spots and on the palms of his hands are portholes, which he uses to spry water out at an enemy. Water Hazard has four fingers with claws on each of them and has a grey spike on each of his feat. His lower torso is a grey color and he has two spikes on each side of them. When Water Hazard first appeared in Ultimate Alien his voice did sound a lot like Bivalvan’s voice but during his second appearance in Omniverse his voice was now deeper than Bivalvan’s voice. Also according to Dwayne McDuffie, the one reason about Water Hazard was that in Ultimate Alien he did look like a clone of Bivalvan but in Omniverse his appearance was changed making him look slightly different from Bivalvan. Also the Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See images below:

Water Hazard UA 1

Water Hazard UA 2


Omniverse description: In Omniverse, Water Hazard now has four slitted eyes on his face and two eyes on his chest along with some crab-like features on his stomach. The hood that he has on his head now looks a lot rougher than it was before in Ultimate Alien. Water Hazard also has what now appears to be barnacles that are located on his shoulders, arms, legs and hands (where he shoots the water when fighting enemies) and there is also three spikes on backs of his legs. He even seems to have cracks on his arms and shoulders. Plus his fingers have gotten a little sharper and represent dactyls (the “moveable finger” of a crab claw). His overall armor has changed to a darker shade of red and his grey parts have now changed to a violet shade of grey. His voice does sound similar to his voice in Ultimate Alien, accept that it now sounds like that of an underwater human. Also the New Omnitrix symbol is located (as always) on his chest. See image below:

Water Hazard Omniverse


Special abilities: One of the special abilities that Water Hazard has is the armored exoskeleton which helps protects his body from any damage and also protects him radiation. This means that Water Hazards armored exoskeleton is like a radiation suit. Ultimate Aggregor did once comment that the exoskeleton makes Water Hazard completely invulnerable, although this ability hasn’t been confirmed to be true though. In episode The More Things Change: Part 2, Water Hazard second ability shows that he does appear to have enhanced strength. He demonstrated this ability by throwing Buglizard (Stinkfly’s natural predator) into a nearby wall. Water Hazard also shows that he appears to have a retractable visor that is shown to be hidden within his hood. The retractable visor was revealed in the episode Tummy Trouble. Water Hazard demonstrated his third ability of absorbing moisture, including absorbing moisture from the air, through the portholes (where he projects his water attacks) that he has on his hands. His fourth ability shows that he can launch powerful pressurized water blasts from these same holes. In the episode Too Hot To Handle, the color of Water Hazard’s water blasts where an aqua green color, but later in the episode Hero Time, his water blasts are now a blue color. Water Hazard’s fifth ability shows that he can even manipulating other sources of water, such as normal water for example. Plus he can even somehow change the temperature of the water he shoots to either hot or cold water. It did show in the episode The Frogs of War, he used his water blasts to steady himself when he was falling. In the Ben 10 video game Cosmic Destruction, it’s shown that Water Hazard’s sixth ability is that he can generate a very powerful water tornado that can briefly levitate him while launching powerful water blasts at his enemies, and also wielding a water-whip to destroy them. In the online game Ben 10: Game Creator on the Cartoonnetowork.com website, Water Hazard seventh ability shows that he’s able to create a bubble shield to protect himself from any lasers. In the second online Cartoon Network game that is called Omniverse Collection, Water Hazard eight ability shows that he can shoot blobs of water in a upward tilted angle, instead of just spraying it straight forward. His final ability shows that he can jump extremely high as shown in the episode Rook Tales. See images below:

Water Hazard's powers 1

Water Hazard's powers 2

Water Hazard's powers 3

Water Hazard's powers 34

Water Hazard's powers 35

Water Hazard's powers 36

Water Hazard's powers 37

Water Hazard's powers 4

Water Hazard's powers 5

Water Hazard's powers 6

Water Hazard's powers 7

Water Hazard's powers 8

Water Hazard's powers 9

Water Hazard's powers 10

Water Hazard's powers 11

Water Hazard's powers 12

Water Hazard's powers 13

Water Hazard's powers 14

Water Hazard's powers 15

Water Hazard's powers 16

Water Hazard's powers 17

Water Hazard's powers 18

Water Hazard's powers 20

Water Hazard's powers 19  Water Hazard's powers 21

Water Hazard's powers 22

Water Hazard's powers 23

Water Hazard's powers 24

Water Hazard's powers 25

Water Hazard's powers 26

Water Hazard's powers 27

Water Hazard's powers 28

Water Hazard's powers 29

Water Hazard's powers 30

Water Hazard's powers 31

Water Hazard's powers 32

Water Hazard's powers 33

Water Hazard's powers 38

Water Hazard's powers 39


Weaknesses: The only weakness that Water Hazard has is that even though his armored exoskeleton does allow him to little to no physical pain what so ever, it’s shown that he can be harmed by energy attacks. See image below:

Water Hazard's Weaknesses 1


First appearance: Too Hot To Handle