Jury Rigg

Jury Rigg

When Ben, Gwen and Kevin where chasing after a mutated chicken created by Animo, Ben attempted to use Jetray, but when Kevin made a sharp right turn the hologram of Jetray shifted to a hologram of a brand new alien that was already unlocked. This new alien that appears to be smart and also stubburn is named Jury Rigg.

Species and Home planet: Jury Rigg’s species is unknown and the planet of which he comes from is also unknown. No known images of planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): Jury Rigg can be described as a small, red colored, devil-like alien that somehow bears a close resemblence of a Gremlin/imp. He is very small, if measured next to Gwen he’s almost as big as her head minus the tail. He does appear to be a little taller than Grey Matter, but smaller than Upchuck. The Ultimatrix sysmbole is located on his chest. See image below:

Jury Rigg UA


Omniverse description: In Omniverse, Jury Rigg appears to be wearing a avitor’s outfit that comes with an ascot, he appears to be more red than usual, and he now as catlike pupils on his eyes. His ears are now spiked, his nose is bigger, and he has one spike on each of his ears and one on his chin. Also the new Omnitrix symbole is now located on his waist. See image below:

Jury Rigg OV


Personality: The thing about Jury Rigg’s personality is that he has a very strong desire to break machines and rebuild them, this makes him very difficult to control. The second thing about Jury Rigg’s personality is that he has v mischievous (and also a twisted) sense of humor, such as disabling the Highbreed Pulse Generator that Joseph Chadwick and forever knights were using to destroy every alien of Earth in the episode The Big Story, and then reprograming to turn Will Harangue into an alien as payback for all of the smear campaigns and crimes that he had committed against Ben and other aliens. The third thing about Jury Rigg’s personality was shown that in several episodes that when is comes to disassembling and reassembling machinery Jury Rigg always says something like for example “Jury Rigg disassemble!”, “FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX!”, and “Reassemble, disassemble!”. 


Special abilities: One of Jury Rigg’s abilities is that when he disassembles any kind of machinery he disassembles them in mere seconds, which is why it fits his Gremlin appearance and despite it being very hard for him to do due to his craving to destroy things. He can also refix machinery from scratch at a similar rate. His second ability shows that he has a form of enhanced strength due his size and with this enhanced strength he can use it break a metal car brake in half. This was demonstrated in the episode The Eggman Cometh. In the episode Food Around The Corner, he used his enhanced strength to break apart the metal bars on a door that was rigged up by Paltroon and he does have a degree of agility as well. This shows that Jury Rigg can be strong enough to break apart metal bars that even an Appoplexian could not break. Jury Rigg’s third ability is enhanced jumping meaning he can jump from anything in a single bound. Also as in the accordance with his ability to break things and fixing them attribute, Jury Rigg does boast an impressive intellect which describes himself as being “smart and stubborn”. See images below:

Jury Rigg's Powers 1

Jury Rigg's Powers 2

Jury Rigg's Powers 3

Jury Rigg's Powers 4

Jury Rigg's Powers 5

Jury Rigg's Powers 6

Jury Rigg's Powers 7

Jury Rigg's Powers 8

Jury Rigg's Powers 9

Jury Rigg's Powers 10

Jury Rigg's Powers 11

Jury Rigg's Powers 12

Jury Rigg's Powers 14

Jury Rigg's Powers 13

Jury Rigg's Powers 16

Jury Rigg's Powers 15

Jury Rigg's Powers 17

Jury Rigg's Powers 18

Jury Rigg's Powers 19

Jury Rigg's Powers 20

Jury Rigg's Powers 21

Jury Rigg's Powers 22

Jury Rigg's Powers 23

Jury Rigg's Powers 34

Jury Rigg's Powers 35

Jury Rigg's Powers 36

Jury Rigg's Powers 37

Jury Rigg's Powers 38

Jury Rigg's Powers 24

Jury Rigg's Powers 25

Jury Rigg's Powers 26

Jury Rigg's Powers 27

Jury Rigg's Powers 28

Jury Rigg's Powers 29

Jury Rigg's Powers 30

Jury Rigg's Powers 31

Jury Rigg's Powers 32

Jury Rigg's Powers 33

Jury Rigg's Powers 39

Jury Rigg's Powers 40

Jury Rigg's Powers 41


Weaknesses: One of Jury Riggs weaknesses is that because that he is small he is unsuitable for hand-to-hand against larger foes unless they happen to be machines which in this case he can dismantle them in seconds. His second weakness is his uncontrollable habit of breaking things and his third weakness is that just like his name most of the devices he is able create are basically on-the-fly or “jury-rigged”, but the devices that Jury Rigg makes are not really meant to last, (except for the Tenn-Speed motorcycle he made) and will then eventually fail. Also unlike the Galvans, Jury Rigg’s creations can be very unstable and hard to control, much like how hard it is for Jury Rigg to control himself at this point. His final weakness shows that when trying to build things out of parts lying around he can get distracted making vulnerable which is why he would need someone distract the enemy so he can have time to finish what he’s building. See images below:

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 1

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 2

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 3

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 4

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 5

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 6

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 7

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 8

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 9

Jury Rigg's Powers 19

Jury Rigg's Powers 20

Jury Rigg's Powers 21

Jury Rigg's Powers 22

Jury Rigg's Powers 23

Jury Rigg's Powers 35

Jury Rigg's Powers 36

Jury Rigg's Powers 37

Jury Rigg's Powers 38

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 10

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 11

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 12

Jury Rigg's Weaknesses 13


First Appearance: The Eggman Cometh