Alien X

Alien X

When Ben was trying to figure out what alien he should use to stop a flood caused by a broken dam he then decided to give this new alien that he landed on a try and when he transformed into it he named this brand new Alien X.

Species and Home planet: Alien X’s species is called a Celestialsapien and he comes from is some place that is called the Forge of Creation which is a place that’s hidden to everyone except Celestialsapiens, Paradox and anyone that is holding the Map of Infinity. Ben does acknowledge that Alien X as his most powerful alien ever, but concedes that transforming into him is not worth the cost. Alien X does appear to have three personalities. The first one is Serena the voice of ‘love and compassion’ and the second one is Bellicus the voice of ‘anger and aggression’, which makes Ben the third personality known as the ‘voice of reason’. All three of these voices combine to form Alien X’s speech when he’s ready to talk because Alien X is very silent. The only things he will say are what he will be doing – what Ben, Bellicus and Serena have agreed to do. As Serena and Bellicus have been sometimes arguing a lot for eternity and before they had no tiebreaker, getting them to focus on any present task is difficult at best. This can leave Alien X’s body trapped in place, floating about a foot above the ground and won’t even move to use his abilities until an agreement is made. However, in Omniverse, Ben used Alien X successfully to create a near exact copy of the universe when it got destroyed by a weapon known as the Anihilaarg, a device that can successfully destroy a universe or create one. See images of planet and Alien X’s personalities below:

Forge of Creation 1

Forge of Creation 2

Forge of Creation 3

Forge of Creation 4

Forge of Creation 5

Forge of Creation 6

Forge of Creation (inhabitants) 7

Forge of Creation (inhabitants) 8

Forge of Creation (inhabitants) 9

Forge of Creation (inhabitants) 10




Description (Alien Force & Ultimate Alien): Alien X can be described as humanoid alien who’s body is all black except for his hands, which as you can see in the picture below are white. He has tiny white star-like spots that are located all over his body and his eyes are green but they have with pupils in them. On his head are 3 horns that almost look very similar to the horns of Ultimate Way Big. Later in the series it’s implied that Alien X’s starred body isn’t simply ‘aesthetic’, but that he, and by extension all Celestialsapiens are, or contain their own ‘pocket universes’, as Paradox was able to travel inside Alien X and speak to Ben whilst he was arguing with Serena and Bellicus before reversing the transformation to change Ben back. Also the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on Alien X’s chest. See images below:

Alien X (AF&UA)


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Alien X retains his original appearance, except with a more ‘heroic’ appearance! His chin as you can see is now bigger than usual, like Diamondhead’s.  His body now appears to be more muscular than before and the horns on his head are smaller. Also the New Omnitrix (like the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix) is located on his chest. See image below:

Alien X (Omniverse)


Special Abilities: Alien X’s first ability is shown that he is omnipotent, meaning that he has the special ability to warp reality, time, and space to any level that he wishes (even though his thoughts can become real). Since Alien X’s reality warping is shown to be very powerful, it comes to show that even his very own mere thoughts can also become very much real. Alien X demonstrated how he can create and use time waves to reverse anything as seen in the episode, X = Ben + 2 when he fixed up a water dam. Alien X also demonstrated his second ability that with his power he can recreate an entire universe at will. This was seen in the episode So Long, And Thanks For All The Smoothies. Also it turns out that Alien X’s third ability shows that while the Anihilaarg was destroying the universe around him, Alien X was unharmed. This means he has the power of durability. In the new episode of Ben 10 Omniverse Universe Vs. Tennyson, Alien X’s demonstrated his third and fourth abilities being able to self-duplicate himself and create galaxies (even black holes) to suck in other beings. His fifth, sixth, and seventh abilities show that he’s even very capable of light speed travel, he possesses powerful superhuman strength, and is very skilled at hand to hand combat. His eighth ability shows that considering his size, it turns out that he is pretty strong and can grow to an ignoramus size if he wishes to do so. Alien X’s final ability shows that he has telekinesis meaning with this ability he’s capable of deflecting any attacks and making anyone battle against each other. This ability was demonstrated in the episode Weapon XI: Part 1. See images below:

Alien X's Powers 1

Alien X's Powers 2

Alien X's Powers 3

Alien X's Powers 4

Alien X's Powers 5

Alien X's Powers 6

Alien X's Powers 7

Alien X's Powers 8

Alien X's Powers 9

Alien X's Powers 10

Alien X's Powers 11

Alien X's Powers 12

Alien X's Powers 13

Alien X's Powers 14

Alien X's Powers 15

Alien X's Powers 16

Alien X's Powers 17

Alien X's Powers 18

Alien X's Powers 19

Alien X's Powers 20

Alien X's Powers 21

Alien X's Powers 22

Alien X's Powers 23

Alien X's Powers 24

Alien X's Powers 25

Alien X's Powers 26

Alien X's Powers 27

Alien X's Powers 28

Alien X's Powers 29

Alien X's Powers 30

Alien X's Powers 31

Alien X's Powers 32

Alien X's Powers 33

Alien X's Powers 34

Alien X's Powers 35

Alien X's Powers 36

Alien X's Powers 37

Alien X's Powers 38

Alien X's Powers 39

Alien X's Powers 40

Alien X's Powers 41

Alien X's Powers 42

Alien X's Powers 43

Alien X's Powers 44

Alien X's Powers 45

Alien X's Powers 46

Alien X's Powers 47

Alien X's Powers 48

Alien X's Powers 49

Alien X's Powers 50

Alien X's Powers 51

Alien X's Powers 52

Alien X's Powers 53

Alien X's Powers 54

Alien X's Powers 55

Alien X's Powers 56

Alien X's Powers 57

Alien X's Powers 58

Alien X's Powers 59

Alien X's Powers 60

Alien X's Powers 61

Alien X's Powers 62

Alien X's Powers 62

Alien X's Powers 63

Alien X's Powers 64

Alien X's Powers 65

Alien X's Powers 66

Alien X's Powers 67

Alien X's Powers 68

Alien X's Powers 69

Alien X's Powers 70

Alien X's Powers 71

Alien X's Powers 72

Alien X's Powers 73

Alien X's Powers 74

Alien X's Powers 75

Alien X's Powers 76

Alien X's Powers 77

Alien X's Powers 78

Alien X's Powers 79

Alien X's Powers 80

Alien X's Powers 81

Alien X's Powers 82

Alien X's Powers 83

Alien X's Powers 84

Alien X's Powers 85

Alien X's Powers 86

Alien X's Powers 87

Alien X's Powers 88

Alien X's Powers 89

Alien X's Powers 90


Weaknesses: One of Alien X’s first weaknesses shows that in order for him to perform any action of his powerful abilities, including simple movement and transforming back, the two of his personalities must agree to do so. This takes eternity giver take a few eons, which in my case is very long. This has been proven to be a major weakness, because as seen in the episode The Forge of Creation, it comes to show that Serena and Bellicus weren’t interested in dealing with present affairs and wanted to finish past ones that weren’t possible to deal with without Ben. In the episode Ben 10,000 Returns, this weakness was also referenced by Paradox, where he revealed to Ben, Gwen, and Kevin that there was an alternate time line where Albedo transformed into Negative Alien X and was stuck motionless for nearly a year. Alien X’s second weaknesses shows that he can be vulnerable to having his powers absorbed, as Ben and Azmuth have implied that Darkstar (Michael Morningstar) and Osmosians (like Kevin and Aggregor for example) can absorb his omnipotent powers which can be dangerous if someone like Darkstar or Osmosians get the omnipotent powers of Alien X. Also in addition it turns out that Alien X’s final weakness shows that he can even be harmed by his own kind as shown in the episode Universe Vs. Tennyson. See images below:



Alien X's Weaknesses 1

Alien X's Weaknesses 2

Alien X's Weaknesses 3

Alien X's Weaknesses 4

Alien X's Weaknesses 5

Alien X's Weaknesses 6

Alien X's Weaknesses 7

Alien X's Weaknesses 10

Alien X's Weaknesses 9

Alien X's Weaknesses 8

Alien X's Weaknesses 11

Alien X's Weaknesses 12

Alien X's Weaknesses 13

Alien X's Weaknesses 14

Alien X's Weaknesses 15

Alien X's Weaknesses 16

Alien X's Weaknesses 17

Alien X's Weaknesses 18

Alien X's Weaknesses 19

Alien X's Weaknesses 20

Alien X's Weaknesses 21

Alien X's Weaknesses 22

Alien X's Weaknesses 23

Mike Moriningstar (Darkstar) 1

Mike Moriningstar (Darkstar) 2

Mike Moriningstar (Darkstar) 3

Kevin 11 in Omniverse


Ultimate AggregorAlien X's Weaknesses 24

Alien X's Weaknesses 25

Alien X's Weaknesses 26

Alien X's Weaknesses 27

Alien X's Weaknesses 28

Alien X's Weaknesses 29

Alien X's Weaknesses 30

Alien X's Weaknesses 31

Alien X's Weaknesses 32

Alien X's Weaknesses 33

Alien X's Weaknesses 34

Alien X's Weaknesses 35

Alien X's Weaknesses 36


First Appearance: X = Ben + 2