Sometimes if Ben needs an alien that can be able to track any human or alien criminals with a sense of smell, he knows the best alien to handle a job like that. The alien that is capable of tracking a scent of left behind by criminals and has very good reflexes though he has smelly breath. This wild dog alien that he calls is Wildmutt!

Species and Home planet: Wildmutt species is a vulpimancer and where he’s from is a planet called Vulpin. See image of Planet below:


Description Original Series: Wildmutt can be described as a huge, orange dog (the size of a car) but he has no eyes, ears, or tail. His posture movements are also somewhat apelike. The teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth so that you can take a good look at them. Though Wildmutt has no eyes, he instead using his sense of smell and hearing, which are aided by three gill-like nostrils that are located on each side of his neck. The Omnitrix symbol is located on a brace on his left shoulder. Also Four-year-old Wildmutt looks very similar to his ten year old self, but a lot smaller and thinner. See images below:



Ben 10,000 as Wildmutt Description: In the future in an alternate dimension 30-Year-Old Wildmutt was a lot bigger than usual, his appearance is now shifted to a feline form, he has stripes on his back, and sprouted a tail. The Omnitrix symbol was located on his forehead instead of his shoulder. See image below:Wildmutt_10k

Description Ultimate Alien: When he appeared in Ultimate Alien (when used by 16-year-old Ben), his lips where orange rather than black, and his fur was a lighter color, however he had black lips in the Ultimate Alien Intro. When used by 10-year-old Ben in Ultimate Alien, Wildmutt was exactly almost identical to his 10-year-old version in the original series, but instead with orange lips rather than black and the brace on his shoulder where the Omnitrix symbol was, didn’t have any white stripes on it at all. Plus the Omnitrix symbol is also recolored. Also the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on (older) Wildmutt’s chest. See images below:



Description Omniverse: When Wildmutt was used by 11-year-old Ben in Omniverse, he did look almost the same as he does in the original series, with the exception of the fact that the Omnitrix symbol that is located on the brace that is on his shoulder is recolored to green. When used by 16-year-old Ben in Omniverse, Wildmutt’s lips where back to their original black color again just like the Wildmutt in the Original Series, except his forearms are now a bit bigger than before and the New Omnitrix symbol is located on a green and white striped collar wrapped around his neck. See image below:



Special abilities: Although we all know that Wildmutt does not have any eyes, one of the abilities that he uses better than eyes is his sense of smell and hearing. Three gill-like nostrils that can be located on each side of his neck aid Wildmutt’s sense of smell ability. Wildmutt’s smelling ability is superb because when he is starts sniffing his “vision” is made up of a dull 3D mapping of where each of these scents originate and like a regular dog he can basically track anything by their scent, regardless if they’re miles away from him. His second ability is enhanced hearing. With this ability Wildmutt’s senses can take the form of either radar or sonar, allowing him to still perceive his environment more clearly. His third ability, enhanced speed and reaction time, allow him to dodge, evade, and counterattack effortlessly with the help of his senses. Wildmutt’s fourth and fifth special abilities are enhanced strength and his teeth, which he can use both to rip off the roof of a car with ease. His fifth special ability is his enhanced agility, which allows him to run, jump, as well as climb at a superhuman rate, which makes him highly acrobatic and gymnastic. Those movements can appear to be very similar to that of an ape. His sharp claws are his sixth ability. With these claws Wildmutt can dig deep craters at a fast pace so make sure to watch out flying dirt and things. His claws can also cut through anything like ropes, nets, etc. Plus watch out when he’s using his claws because they’re sharp. Wildmutt’s final ability is that he’s shown to be a quadruped, but even though he’s capable of standing on his hind legs and can punch, it’s a bit awkward when he stands up to punch a bad guy in the face or stomach. See images below:

Wildmutt's Powers 1

Wildmutt's Powers 2

Wildmutt's Powers 3

Wildmutt's Powers 4

Wildmutt's Powers 5

Wildmutt's Powers 6

Wildmutt's Powers 7

Wildmutt's Powers 8

Wildmutt's Powers 9

Wildmutt's Powers 10

Wildmutt's Powers 11

Wildmutt's Powers 12

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Wildmutt's Powers 16

Wildmutt's Powers 17

Wildmutt's Powers 20

Wildmutt's Powers 21

Wildmutt's Powers 18

Wildmutt's Powers 19

Wildmutt's Powers 22

Weaknesses: Wildmutt’s first weakness is that he can’t talk, but instead he can communicates with a combination of barking and snarling. When he does this, it can extremely difficult to understand what he is trying to say unless there is a way to translate. His second weakness is if he gets infected with a cold, the mucus, making him unable to smell anything and tell where he’s going, clogs his nostrils on his neck up. Also when sick his fur color seems to “decrease” from its vivid orange color to a pale orange color tone and his lips and claws turn from the original black color to a sickly dark green color. Wildmutt’s third and final weakness is that his senses like his enhanced hearing and smell for example, are very sensitive, which makes him pretty much vulnerable to anything that can overwhelm his senses such as a high pitched sound from a sonic pitched whistle (which can really hurt his ears) if you are carrying one or something of a strong smell that he doesn’t really like. See images below:
Wildmutt's Weaknesses 1
Wildmutt's Weaknesses 2
Wildmutt's Weaknesses 3
Wildmutt's Weaknesses 4
Wildmutt's Weaknesses 5
First Appearance: And Then Their Were 10