When Ben was fighting his younger self while he, Gwen, and Kevin were trying to stop Agreggor from gaining ultimate power from a baby Alien X Ben tried to use Big Chill to stop himself but instead he turned into a new alien that he got from P’andor who is another one of the escaped fugitives. This new alien that Ben used is named NRG.

Species and Home planet: NRG’s species is called a Prypiatosian-B and where he comes from is an unknown planet that is located in the Andromeda galaxy. No known images of planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): NRG can be described as a humanoid alien that’s made of pure red radioactive energy which is contained in a big heavy oven-like dark green-teal metal suit he wears in order to contain very high levels of radiation and heat he gives off. Also the Ultimatrix symbol is located on the chest of his steal armor and on the chest of his true form (although it wasn’t shown). See image below:



Albedo as NRG (Ultimate Alien) DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of NRG, his looked the same as Ben’s except there’s no Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on the chest of his suit or on the chest of his true form. See image below:

Albedo as NRG 1

Albedo as NRG 2


Omniverse description: In Omniverse, NRG’s suit has a handle on his head that looks very much like the handle on a garbage can lid and he has two bolts on the shoulders of his suit. There are also three more bolts on each of his hands and two bolts on his chest. Also when NRG is out of the suit it comes to show that his true form has two green stripes, a green and white striped belt, two black wrist bands on both of his arms, and he is wearing two braces on both of is legs. Also while in his armor the New Omnitrix is located on chest of his armor, in his true from the New Omnitrix symbol is located on the belt around his waist. See images below:




Mad Ben as NRG DescriptionWhen Mad Ben (one of the evil Ben 10s) used his version of NRG his looked the same as Ben’s accept the containment suit (though it looks the same as Ben’s NRG suit) has orange spikes located on the lower arms, shoulders, legs and hands. The grill of the suit has grey plate and the handle on the top of the suit has spikes on it. When the radioactive energy that is blasted out of the suit is an orange color instead of the red color. The orange color of the energy is similar to the color of the Omnitrix (or as Mad Ben calls it the Power Watch) symbol located on the chest of Mad Ben’s NRG suit. See image below:

Mad Ben as NRG


Special abilities: The first ability of NRG is that he’s capable of firing very highly radioactive energy beams through the vents in the containment suit he is wearing. The energy beams he fires out are powerful enough to corrode or melt any metallic object. The energy that NRG’s radiates is shown to be hot enough to melt solid metal and can even melt rock as well. Plus NRG’s beams can even melt ice quite fast if he’s frozen. NRG’s second ability is being able to channel the heat he uses underground and this can result with the eruption of very massive geysers of molten lava. In the video game Cosmic Destruction, it was shown that NRG’s third ability is that he can fire a blast of radioactive energy around him, which is so powerful enough that it can create a funnel cloud. NRG’s fourth ability comes from his containment suit, which turns out to be fire proof and virtually indestructible, but can only be pierced by Taydenite. However, even though Taydenite can pierce NRG’s suit it also turns out that if he can even open the suit easily whenever he wants to and the only reason why he does this is because he isn’t a power hungry criminal like P’andor. The fifth ability of the suit shows that if someone grabs NRG in an attempt to hold him, NRG can use his heat to make the suit so hot that villains would now have to think twice before touching him. His sixth ability shows that he does have enhanced strength. When NRG is out of his containment suit, his other abilities that he has are enhanced massively. These other abilities allow him to become very agile (seventh ability), gaining the ability to fly (eighth ability), and can allow him to gain limited phasing abilities (ninth ability). His tenth ability shows that he can also manipulate energy at a higher level and he can even consume energy as nourishment or to increase his energy powers. As shown in the episode Hot Stretch, NRG’s eleventh and twelfth abilities show that he can fire energy balls out of his hands and streams of fire energy out of his mouth. His final ability shows that he can even make himself glow like a light bulb as seen when he was fighting against Zs’Skayr in the episode Rad Monster Party. See images below:

NRG's Powers 1

NRG's Powers 2

NRG's Powers 3

NRG's Powers 4

NRG's Powers 5

NRG's Powers 6

NRG's Powers 7

NRG's Powers 8

NRG's Powers 9

NRG's Powers 10

NRG's Powers 11

NRG's Powers 12

NRG's Powers 13

NRG's Powers 14

NRG's Powers 15

NRG's Powers 16

NRG's Powers 17

NRG's Powers 18

NRG's Powers 19

NRG's Powers 20

NRG's Powers 21

NRG's Powers 22

NRG's Powers 23

NRG's Powers 24

NRG's Powers 25

NRG's Powers 26

NRG's Powers 27

NRG's Powers 28

NRG's Powers 29

NRG's Powers 30

NRG's Powers 31

NRG's Powers 32

NRG's Powers 33

NRG's Powers 34

NRG's Powers 35

NRG's Powers 36

NRG's Powers 37

NRG's Powers 38

NRG's Powers 39

NRG's Powers 40

NRG's Powers 46

NRG's Powers 47

NRG's Powers 48

NRG's Powers 49

NRG's Powers 41 NRG's Powers 42

NRG's Powers 43

NRG's Powers 44

NRG's Powers 45

NRG's Powers 50


Weaknesses: One of NRG’s weaknesses is he suit because while he is in the containment suit, his abilities are weaker than if he was outside of the suit. His second weakness is that due to dangerous radiation his body is giving off, he has to stay inside of the suit for the safety of others and keep the level of radiation to a minimum. NRG’s third weakness is that when he’s trying to run after somebody the problem is that his suit is so bulky and heavy it decreases his speed and agility which is why Taydenite is the only known element that can pick the lock on his suit and set him free. His fourth weakness is the eyehole in the suit which are quite small and that limits his vision somewhat. His sixth weaknesses shows that if he gets covered in a substance that’s sticky it’s not only hard to peal off but also covers the vents on the suit making it very hard for him to see. His seventh weakness shows that even though his suit can take blasts from weapons, if some blasts are too powerful it’s hard for him to stand his ground. His final weakness is that like P’andor, NRG is vulnerable to carbon dampening rods because as it turns out these rods can slow down nuclear reactions and even inhibit the radiation generating abilities that he has. But as long as he’s not like P’andor there’s no need to use carbon dampening robs on him because he’s not a power hungry monster like P’andor is. See images below:




NRG's Weaknesses 1

NRG's Weaknesses 2

NRG's Powers 5

NRG's Weaknesses 3

NRG's Weaknesses 4

NRG's Weaknesses 5

NRG's Weaknesses 6

NRG's Weaknesses 7

NRG's Weaknesses 8

NRG's Weaknesses 9

NRG's Weaknesses 10

NRG's Weaknesses 11

NRG's Weaknesses 12

NRG's Weaknesses 14

NRG's Weaknesses 13

NRG's Weaknesses 15

NRG's Weaknesses 16

NRG's Weaknesses 17

NRG's Weaknesses 18

NRG's Weaknesses 19


First appearance: The Forge of Creation