When Ben was banished from earth and the Incurseans took over Ben managed to escape the exile pod and with Azmuth’s help he fixed the problem Ben was having with randomizer and gave him the Omnitrix lock code for Incursean DNA which means that Ben unlocked a new alien that he named Bullfrag.

Species and Home planet: Bullfrag’s species is an Incursean but the home planet of where he comes from is unknown (also it was destroyed by the sword that Azmuth made). No known images of planet.

Description (Omniverse): Since he is an Incursean, Bullfrag can be described as a frog-like humanoid alien with three finger hands, two-toed feet, he is shown to be however considerably taller and is more muscular than a typical average Incursean, he has a more defined jawline, wears hip black colored (but soon to be green colored) sunglasses, and his skin appears to be paler than a normal Incursean’s skin. When Bulfrag mades his first appearance in the episode The Frogs Of War Part: 2, he appeared to be wearing a black and purple colored Incurseasn uniform as a disguise and when made a second appearance in the episode Bengeance is Mine to battle Vilgax’s squid monsters his outfit was shown to have adapted to Ben’s clothes just all of his other transformations. In the new outfit that Bullfrag is wearing his sunglasses are now green, the bodysuit now has a green stripe down the middle, he wears fingerless black colored gloves with green cuffs above them, and a green belt with a white colored belt buckle. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his upper chest, which did appear to be hidden while he was wearing the Incursean uniform so that Attea, her father, and the Incursean soldiers wouldn’t recongnize that he was Ben. See image below:

Bullfrag 1

Bullfrag 2

Bullfrag 3

Bullfrag 4


Special abilities: Since he is an Incurseasn, one of the abilities that Bullfrag has is powerful jumping abilities like a frog and he does appear to be very agile. The second ability of Bullfrag is his physique because the physique makes him stronger and more durable than any average Incursean. His third ability is that he has some very impressice hand-to-hand combat skills. Bullfrags fourth ability is the long, sticky and prehensile tongue because he uses it as a grappling line to grab on to something of use if to hit a distant target and his tongue appears to be very strong, like being able to smash boxes for example. In the episode Benegeance is Mine, when some of Vilgax’s squid monsters piled themselves on top of him Bullfrag demonstrated his final ability by inflating his to repel the creatures off of him and this also allowed him to gain a lot more momentum for him to jump. See images below:

Bullfrag's powers 1

Bullfrag's powers 2

Bullfrag's powers 3

Bullfrag's powers 4

Bullfrag's powers 5

Bullfrag's powers 6

Bullfrag's powers 7

Bullfrag's powers 8

Bullfrag's powers 9

Bullfrag's powers 10

Bullfrag's powers 11

Bullfrag's powers 12

Bullfrag's powers 13

Bullfrag's powers 14

Bullfrag's powers 15

Bullfrag's powers 16

Bullfrag's powers 17

Bullfrag's powers 18

Bullfrag's powers 19

Bullfrag's powers 20

Bullfrag's powers 21

Bullfrag's powers 22

Bullfrag's powers 23

Bullfrag's powers 24

Bullfrag's powers 25

Bullfrag's powers 26

Bullfrag's powers 27

Bullfrag's powers 28

Bullfrag's powers 29

Bullfrag's powers 30

Bullfrag's powers 31

Bullfrag's powers 32

Bullfrag's powers 33

Bullfrag's powers 34

Bullfrag's powers 35

Bullfrag's powers 36

Bullfrag's powers 37

Bullfrag's powers 38

Bullfrag's powers 39

Bullfrag's powers 40

Bullfrag's powers 41

Bullfrag's powers 42

Bullfrag's powers 43

Bullfrag's powers 44

Bullfrag's powers 45


Weaknesses: The first weakness that Bullfrag has is his nose because like all Incurseans he is very sensitive to bad smells like burning rubber, compost, and other bad smells. These bad smells can cause him to faint. Bullfrag’s second weakness is his tongue it can hurt if it’s stretched too long. See images below:

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 1

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 2

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 3

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 4

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 5

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 6

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 7

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 8

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 9

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 10

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 11

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 12

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 13

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 14

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 15

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 16

Bullfrag's Weaknesses 17


First appearance: The Frogs of War Part: 2