When it’s time to rock and roll, Ben knows just the kind of alien for that job. This alien can roll; bounce, and can hit things like a bowling ball and like a cannonball. He does also have a very tough shell. This alien’s name that Ben calls him is Cannonbolt!

Species and Home planet: Cannonbolt’s species is called an Arburian Pelarota and comes from the planet Arburia that was destroyed by a giant alien tick. Even though Cannonbolt’s home world was destroyed, his species now lives on Wildmutt’s home world. See image of planet below:



Original Series Description: Cannonbolt can be described as a big hulking, broad-shouldered alien that is covered with natural, yellow armor plating on his back, shoulders and the backs of his arms. He is body color is mostly white, with a black stripe on the upper half of his body. He possesses sharp black claws on his hands and feet. His eyes are a yellowish color. He was originally shown to have had sharp teeth in the Original Series. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his head. See image below (one will have what Cannonbolt looks like in the episode Game Over):

Cannonbolt OS



Cannonbolt used by Ben 10,000 descriptionWhen Ben 10,000 in an alternate dimension used Cannonbolt, he looked similar to 10-year-old Ben’s Cannonbolt except that his legs are of a different color scheme, which sport a black colored pants-like design. The claws have grown longer, the yellowish eyes are closer to Cannonbolt’s shoulder armor, and the Omnitrix symbol is higher up, being on the top of his head rather than on his forehead. See image below:



Alien Force and Ultimate Alien DescriptionWhen Cannonbolt was used by 15 and 16 year old Ben in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien he doesn’t have his sharp teeth anymore because his mouth is now actually full of human-like teeth. Plus he no longer had a black stripe on his chest like he did before when Ben used him as a 10 year old in the Original Series. His eyes are now green instead of yellow. Also he wore the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest instead of his head. See images below:

Cannonbolt AF and UA


Cannonbolt Heroes United DescriptionWhen Ben used Cannonbolt in Ben 10 Generator Rex Heroes United, Cannonbolt did look the same as he was in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien except that his claws are a bit longer and sharper and his eyes are a bit closer to the stripe on his upper body. Plus the Ultimatrix symbol is still located on his chest. See image below:

Cannonbolt Heroes United


Omniverse DescriptionWhen Cannonbolt was used by 11 year old Ben in Ben 10 Omniverse, he now looked exactly identical to his 16-year old Ben’s Cannonbolt except that he has the Omnitrix symbol now back on his forehead. When he was used by 16 year old Ben in Omniverse, Cannonbolt looked similar to his appearance in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien except that His eyes are no longer connected to his shoulders, his palms are now flat instead of bulging, and the yellow bolts on his body are now hexagonal instead of round and there are three plates on his back, instead of two. The New Omnitrix symbol is on his chest and the black stripe from the original series returns, going down to his belly/chest. See images below:

Cannonbolt 11Omniverse

Cannonbolt 16 Omniverse


Ben 23 as Cannonbolt DescriptionWhen Ben 23 in an alternate dimension used his version of Cannonbolt (a.k.a Rollaway), he is quite similar to Ben’s Cannonbolt, except that the color scheme is more like Ultimate Cannonbolt’s color scheme, the eyes are blue instead of green and are more to the horizontal side rather than diagonal. The Omnitrix symbol is blue and has a gold outer casing. See image below:



Gwen 10 as CannonboltWhen Gwen 10 in an alternate dimension used her version of Cannonbolt, except that the markings on her eyes are upturned, similar to eyeliner. She has feminine lips, freckles and a hair clip on her left side. She has pink eyes, her skin is lavender, while her bolts and lips are purple, and the black markings on her torso and pelvis are in a similar design to a bikini. Her bolts are also smaller than Ben’s Cannonbolt and Rollaway. Plus when curled into her shell, Cannonbolt looks just like Rollaway in his shell. Also the cat symbol shaped Omnitrix is located on her chest. See image below:

Gwen 10's Cannonbolt


Special Abilities: One of Cannonbolt’s first abilities is his sphere form that he uses to rock and roll. The way Cannonbolt demonstrates of how he turns into a sphere is that he first rolls up into a ball with his back plates covering him and side plates covering his hands. His sphere form is shown to have semi-circular stripes drawn across his body with black lines around the circular plates. Once he’s rolled up in to ball he’s able to increase his rotational momentum to slam into and/or run over enemies. Cannonbolt can also ricochet off surfaces in this form, and even increase his agility by quickly opening up his ball shape while airborne. Cannonbolt shows to be capable of perceiving his surroundings despite his eyes being covered and encased inside his ball form. Though despite having a top-heavy body, Cannonbolt appears to have enhanced reaction time (second ability), reflexes (third ability), dexterity (fourth ability), and balance (sixth ability), allowing him to quickly change in and out of ball form to suit his immediate needs. Cannonbolt can also use his sphere form to help protect and contain people or fairly large objects within him as a sphere. His seventh ability is his shell. The thing about his shell is that it’s resistant to acids, lavas, and can even refract lasers being fired from weapons for example. While Cannonbolt is inside his ball form, his eighth ability is shown that he can withstand even a single drop from space without getting harmed by heat if he is re-entering our Earth’s atmosphere. Even though Cannonbolt is known to withstand a vacuum of space, the problem is that he still needs to breathe. If you ask why it’s because if he breaths in space he might suffocate so the best way for Cannonbolt to stay alive is being limited to holding his breath for a while until he can’t hold it anymore. Cannonbolt’s final ability shows that he also possesses enhanced strength. See images below:

Cannonbolt's sphere form 1

Cannonbolt's sphere form 2

Cannonbolt's sphere form 3

Cannonbolt rams in Hex

Rolling on Serpent

Cannonbolt's agility

Cannonbolt holding aliens

Cannonbolt's shell

Cannonbolt on fire 1

Cannonbolt on fire 1

Canonbolt's can't breathe in space

Cannobolt's strength


Weaknesses: Cannonbolt’s first weakness shows that he’s subjected to physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, which means that he has a very difficult time at trying to stop or trying to control direction if he is picking up speed and can’t slow down. His second weakness is that his bipedal form is shown to be very top-heavy and this makes him very unbalanced and very clumsy. Cannonbolt third weakness shows that he cannot breathe in space (which I had already mentioned). His final weakness is that if he gets stuck on a very sticky surface, then he can’t possibly get up. See images below:

Cannonbolt's weakness 1

Cannonbolt's weakness 2

Cannonbolt's weakness 3


First Appearance: The Big Tick