In the episode A Knight to Remember, when Vilgax was using the sword Ascalon to open the door to Daigon’s demension to gain ultimate power Ben turned into a new alien to stop him. This new alien that he unlocked is named Eatle.

Species and Home planet: Eatle’s species is unknown and the home planet that he comes from is also unknown. No known images of planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): Eatle can be described as a humanoid insect-like alien with some shark-like charactoristics. He body is a dark blue, almost purple, and light blue color with a long shark fined horn on top of his head that is connected to a shorter protrusion on the back of his head. His a very large mouth that spreads over part of his chest and he also has a light blue belt around his weist along with like blue wristbands  as well as oval shaped eyes on his face. Also the Ultimatrix/New Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:



Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Eatle can now be described as a Humanoid Beetle. His upper lip is now being covered up by his lower lip which now has different teeth, his tounge is now a blueish color, and his horn-like fin on top of his head is now forked making it resemble the horn of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Eatle’s feet have two toes along with some spikes on his arms and back legs. The blue color on his body is now a greyish color and his torso has greenish color clothing all over it. Also the shell on his back and his armor are both green and almost black color. See image below:



Special Abilities: Eatle’s first ability is that he can eat materials that is around him or infront of him. After he eats these materials he then converts them into energy which comes out as a green lazer when he shoots it out of the slot on his fin. The beam of energy that he fires is shown to be strong enough to cut a floating mountain and can also be used to hold down enemies like Vilgax for example. Eatle does possess enhanced strength and he also possess sharp claws which he uses to tear metal off a car or machine so that he can eat it. Eatle’s next ability is the horn on his head because in the episode The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1, it’s shown that his horn can be used as a very effective battering ram when he is battling Vilgax or any other enemy that he is fighting. Eatle’s final ability is his enhanced durability because during his battle with Carl Nesmith a.k.a Captain Nemesis or Overloard, Eatle has able to withstand the lazerblast which is powerful enough to kill a human in a single from Captain Nemesis’s exo suit which means that this enhanced durability has made Eatle’s body super tough. See images below:

Eatle's Powers 1

Eatle's Powers 2

Eatle's Powers 3

Eatle's Powers 4

Eatle's Powers 5

Eatle's Powers 6

Eatle's Powers 7

Eatle's Powers 8

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Eatle's Powers 23

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Eatle's Powers 33

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Eatle's Powers 37

Eatle's Powers 38

Eatle's Powers 39


Weaknesses: The first weakness that Eatle has is that he has a blind spot because since his eyes are placed differently that gives an enemy the edge of sneaking up on him, but since Eatle’s appearance changed in Omniverse, he no longer has that weakness anymore. His second weakness is that he also has a natural predator but it’s hard to tell what this predator is or what it looks like. See images below:

Eatle's Weaknesses 1

Eatle's Weaknesses 2



First Appearance: A Knight to Remember