In the episode Basic Training, when Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Track (a newbie) were practicing with a fusion granade which was set from stun to overload. Track couldn’t get the granade off of his hand even with out the help the Magister Hulka the instructor. Even though the fusion granade exploded Ben managed to save Magister Hulka and Track by using this new alien he unlocked called Fasttrack.

Species and Home planet: Fasttrack’s species is called a Citrakayah and were he comes from is a planet called Chalybeas. No known images of this planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): Fasttrack can be described as a humanoid feline-like alien with a black suite-like color scheme and his hands, legs, part of his head and his chest are colored blue. He has spikes on his hands and legs, a black Wolverine mask-like fins around his green eyes, a triangle shape nose, and has a thunderbot-like design on his chest. Also the Ultimatrix/New Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Fasttrack UA


Albedo as Fasttrack DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Fasttrack his did look the same as Ben’s except that eyes are red and there’s no Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. See image below:

Albedo as Fasttrack


Special abilities: Fasttrack’s first special abilities are his superspeed and agility. With this superspeed and agility he can go very fast like XLR8. His second ability shows that he has enhanced strength which considers the fact that he was able to use it to save both Magister Hulka and Track after the fusion granade exploded. Fasttack’s third ability shows that he’s capable of jumping very high altitudes while running. His fourth ability shows that he seems to have very good reflexes which are very useful when fighting villians. Fasttrack’s final ability is the blade-like structures on his hands and feet. These blades can be used as weapons to cut and tear through anything when Fasttrack is running past someone at a very fast pace. See images below:

Fasttrack's Powers 1

Fasttrack's Powers 2

Fasttrack's Powers 3  Fasttrack's Powers 5

Fasttrack's Powers 6

Fasttrack's Powers 7

Fasttrack's Powers 12

Fasttrack's Powers 13

Fasttrack's Powers 14

Fasttrack's Powers 15

Fasttrack's Powers 16

Fasttrack's Powers 17

Fasttrack's Powers 18

Fasttrack's Powers 19

Fasttrack's Powers 20

Fasttrack's Powers 21

Fasttrack's Powers 22

Fasttrack's Powers 23

Fasttrack's Powers 24

Fasttrack's Powers 25

Fasttrack's Powers 26

Fasttrack's Powers 27

Fasttrack's Powers 28

Fasttrack's Powers 29


Weaknesses: The first weakness that Fasttrack has was shown in the episode The Eggman Cometh because in this episode it shows that if Fasttrack is running fast enough he might have very hard time at trying to stop. The second weakness shows that like XLR8, he can’t run on ice. His final weakness shows that his agility ability can be used against him. See images below:

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 1

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 2

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 3

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 4

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 5

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 6

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 7

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 8

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 9

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 10

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 11

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 12
Fasttrack's Weaknesses 13
Fasttrack's Weaknesses 14

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 15

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 16

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 17

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 18

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 19

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 20

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 21

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 22

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 23

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 24

Fasttrack's Weaknesses 25


First Appearance: Basic Training