When Ben, Gwen, and Max where working on a farm they suddenly ran into an alien mummy which was after a higher mineral called Kerodium. When Ben faced it in the Digby Dairy Factory (where his favorite ice-cream is made), the mummy touched the Omnitrix causing the device to turn yellow. This meant that the Omnitrix was starting the process of taking a sample of it’s alien DNA giving Ben another new alien which he named Snare-oh!

Species and Home planet: Snare-oh’s species is called a Thep Khufan and where he comes from is a planet called Anur Khufos. His species does also live on another planet called Anur Transyl. See images of these two planets below:

Anur Khufos

Anur Transyl


Original Series Description: Snare-oh can be described as a mummy-like humanoid. He has a black and gold pharaoh’s headdress. He has green eyes that glow, gaps between his bandages that glow green too, and has black bracers and greaves. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left shoulder. See image below:

Snare-Oh OS


Ben 10,000 as Snare-OhWhen Ben 10,000 from an alternate dimension used Snare-oh he did still looked the same has Ben’s Snare-oh and his eyes and the gaps between his bandages do still glow green, except that he has a brown and gold pharaoh’s head-dress instead of the black and gold pharaoh’s head-dress. Plus Snare-oh has brown bracers and greaves instead of the black bracers and greaves. See image below:

Snare-oh Future


Ultimate Alien DescriptionWhen Snare-oh appeared in the intro for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, he did as first look as the Snare-oh from the Original Series, but he’s much taller than usual and the green lines on his body are now a gold color. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest instead of his shoulder. See image below:

Snare-oh UA


Omniverse Description: When Snare-oh was used by 16-year-old Ben in Omniverse Snare-oh now wears a black head-dress with two glowing green gaps on either side of it, and a gold rimming at the bottom. His glowing green eyes are surrounded by golden crown-like spikes, his lower face is wrapped in bandages, and his chin is now black with more glowing green gaps on it, with a golden beard-like spine jutting from it. He no longer has the gaps on his chest. His bandages are more ragged then they use to be as well and he has more layers visible, and has shown to have more of a grayish-brown color. A large collar/wrap-like garment colored with green and black stripes covers his upper chest and shoulders. He has black-and-gold pads on each of his shoulders. Each one of these pads that he has a green cat-like “eye” on them. His tendrils that are on his back are now much shorter than the last time. A one single bandage has now replaced the ties on the “skirt” he’s wearing. The braces and greaves now have gold rimming, and each of them have two have green gaps that are much larger. He also appears to have an extra “toe” on each of his heels. The New Omnitrix symbol is located on a green and white-stripped belt around his waist. See image below:

Snare-Oh OV


Benzarro as Snare-Oh DescriptionWhen Benzarro one of the evil Ben 10’s from an alternate dimension used his version of Snare-oh, his looked the same as Ben’s but His eyes and gaps are now colored lavender. The bandages are white and the golden parts are silver. The stripe on his belt where the Omnitrix symbol is located is now black. See image below:

Benzarro's Snare-oh


Special Abilities: One of his abilities is that since Snare-oh’s body is made out of bandages he can use them reshape his body. This kind of ability can even allow him to split himself apart to in order to dodge any attack and helping him reform in order to make counter-attack against and enemy. If the bandages are torn Snare-oh second ability shows that he can recover from that which includes being torn into confetti by a large fan almost instantly for example. Snare-oh even has the ability to regenerate himself. When Snare-oh was first used by Ben (during his fight with the alien werewolf), he first had some trouble trying to figuring out how to use his powers until he finally figured it out. The third ability that Snare-oh has is extending his bandages both from his fingers and from his body to tie up enemies or help create a very sturdy wall. He can also sever the bandages after he extends them. Even though Snare-oh has a shape shifting ability it’s hard to tell if he might be able to use it throughout the series. Although it is shown that Snare-oh is frail, he’s fourth ability is shows that he has a degree of enhanced strength that allows him to lift objects and people with his stretchable limbs and is even able to punch away a Squid Monster or any other enemy with ease. Snare-oh fifth ability is also shown that he has a very surprising amount of speed and agility for his size and all of his bandages. He can even scale walls and dodge attacks thrown at him with ease. His sixth ability shows that the composition of his body shows that he can survive in a vacuum of space. His seventh ability shows that by reducing himself down to single bandages, Snare-oh can slip through extremely tight spaces or small openings. This kind of ability allows Snare-oh to escape from various traps or maneuver through any cramped areas. He eighth ability shows that he can break his body apart to create a pile of bandages to cushion a landing which can separate his face from the rest of the bandages in the process. Snare-oh’s final ability shows that he also can generate bandages for any various needs. See images below:



Snare-oh-Sterching 1

Snare-oh-Sterching 2

Going through small spaces


Snare-Oh's bandage powers

Breaking the bandages off

Going through small spaces

Bandage landing

Snare-oh's head


Weaknesses: Snare-oh’s first weakness is his bandages because when he’s extending his limbs, or other parts of his body, he becomes susceptible to strong winds and suction forces. There is an upper limit to how much tension his bandages can withstand before breaking. Snare-Oh’s second weakness is that he can be tangled up in his own bandages. His final weakness shows that if he’s getting stepped on and squished it stops him from moving momentarily. See images below:

Squished 1

Squished 2


First Appearance: The Return