In the Ben 10 Reboot Ben managed to finally unlock a brand new alien that is same species as his big enemy Vilgax! He turned out a great hero for Ben to use until he was removed from the Omnitrix by Vilgax in order for Vilgax to restore himself. This temporary new alien hero Ben had is named Gax.

Species and Home PlanetGax’s species is called Chimera Sui Generis and the home planet of where he comes from is the same planet that Vilgax came from called Vilgaxia. See images below:

Vilgaxia 1

Vilgaxia 2


Description (Ben 10 Reboot)Gax does resemble Ben’s biggest enemy Vilgax however he has black armor that has a white stripe on the chest. There are also spikes on his knees and shoulder pads and has six green tentacles dangling in the front of his face. The tentacles and arms fade into brown, and he wears black, fingerless gloves. He has green sacs on the side of his head and red eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:



Special abilitiesThe first ability that Gax possesses is enhanced strength which he used to lift up the Rustbucket, a giant boulder, two giant trees, and a Cascan (Overflow’s Species) with relative ease. So technically speaking, he is physically stronger than Quad Smack (Anti-verson of Four Arms) and Four Arms and regular TetramandsHis second ability is enhanced durability. This ability makes him almost fire proof, laser-proof, survive a fall if he fell from something that is pretty high above the ground, able to survive from being drowned in lava, a lab explosion, and attacks from a powerful Fulmini (Shock Rock’s species) as well. His third ability is laser vision. This means that Gax can project powerful laser beams from his eyes. His optical lasers are capable of starting fires if Gax chooses to do so. His fourth ability is his tentacles. The thing is that Gax has shapeshifting arms that can change into a bunch of tentacles (five on each of his arms). These tentacles are very powerful and retain equal strength to his arms as a whole. His fifth ability is enhanced climbing. In the reboot Gax demonstrated that he’s a very skilled climber, using his sharp claws to dig into the ground. He can even use his tentacles to to climb up as well when trying to get up a mountain at a quicker pace. Gax’s final ability shows that he can telepathically sense parts of his DNA. This was demonstrated in the reboot which does explain how Vilgax was able to track down his missing half so that he could restore himself. See images below:

Gax's Powers 1

Gax's Powers 2

Gax's Powers 3

Gax's Powers 32

Gax's Powers 4

Gax's Powers 5

Gax's Powers 6

Gax's Powers 7

Gax's Powers 8

Gax's Powers 23

Gax's Powers 24

Gax's Powers 9

Gax's Powers 10

Gax's Powers 11

Gax's Powers 12

Gax's Powers 13

Gax's Powers 14

Gax's Powers 15

Gax's Powers 16

Gax's Powers 17

Gax's Powers 18

Gax's Powers 19

Gax's Powers 20

Gax's Powers 21

Gax's Powers 22

Gax's Powers 25

Gax's Powers 26

Gax's Powers 27

Gax's Powers 28

Gax's Powers 29

Gax's Powers 30

Gax's Powers 31


WeaknessesGax’s first weakness shows that the energy of his optical lasers can be absorbed by Fulmini (Shock Rock’s species) as well as other aliens that have the ability to absorb energy. Gax’s second weakness shows that he’s even vulnerable to the electrical energy that Fulmini create and even electrical energy that other electric aliens, as demonstrated by Vilgax. Gax’s third weakness shows that there is a limit to his heat resistance ability as Vilgax gained burn marks on his skin from his near-death experience with lava. Gax’s fourth weakness show that he is vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of High Override, as demonstrated with Vilgax. His fifth weakness shows that he can even cause unintentional weight damage if he hits the ground too hard because of how heavy his weight is. His final weakness shows that if Gax is reckless with his lasers, it can cause fire damage. His final weakness shows that he has a vulnerability to crystal Imprisonment as demonstrated by Vilgax. See images below:

Gax's Weaknesses 1

Gax's Weaknesses 2

Gax's Weaknesses 3

Gax's Weaknesses 4

Gax's Weaknesses 5

Gax's Weaknesses 6

Gax's Weaknesses 7

Gax's Weaknesses 8

Gax's Weaknesses 9

Gax's Weaknesses 10

Gax's Weaknesses 11

Gax's Weaknesses 12

Gax's Weaknesses 13

Gax's Weaknesses 14

Gax's Weaknesses 15

Gax's Weaknesses 16

Gax's Weaknesses 17

Gax's Weaknesses 18

Gax's Weaknesses 19

Gax's Weaknesses 20

Gax's Weaknesses 22


First Appearance (Ben 10 Reboot): Omni-Tricked: Part 1 – Omni-Tricked: Part 3