When it comes to need air support and getting to other places faster, Ben knows just the alien for that kind of job! But I should warn you this creature has unpleasant smell, which is why Ben gave this alien the name Stinkfly.

Species and Home planet: Stinkfly’s species is called a Lepidopterran and the home planet of where he comes from is the planet called Lepidopterra. See image of the Planet below:


Original Series Description: Stinkfly can be described as a bug-like alien creature with a bug/insect body, 4 insect-like flat legs with 2 arms, human-style hands with a black coloration which are similar to finger less gloves, and 3 claw-like fingers. Stinkfly has 4 pedunculated eyes that are small with a yellowish-orange color. These pedunculated eyes are linked directly to the sides of his huge black head. He has very fragile light green wings with lines on them and his insect limbs are a brown-greenish color. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead between his eyes. When Stinkfly was used by Ben 10,000 from an alternate dimension, his body style did almost look the same as the body style in the original series, except that his eyes where longer with black colored pupils, the stinger and legs where larger, and the clothes where inverted, similar to Ben 10,000’s. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead (between his eyes). See Images below:




Ultimate Alien DescriptionWhen Stinkfly appeared in the intro for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Stinkfly looked the same as he was in the Original Series except that his eyes are green instead of the yellowish-orange color and he no longer wears the black gloves. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest instead of his head. When he was used by 11-year-old Ben in Ultimate Alien, he did look exactly like his 16-year-old appearance except his Omnitrix symbol remains on his forehead instead of his chest. See images below:




Omniverse Description: when 11 year old Ben in Omniverse used him, Stinkfly has bigger wings and his clothes, which are white, are spread only till his forehead. He has lighter skin, eyes are now bigger with pupils, and his body and tail are a lot bigger than usual. Also the Omnitrix symbol has returned to his forehead. When 16 year old Ben in Omniverse used him, he did still look the same as 11 year old Ben’s Stinkfly except he has green clothing instead of white clothing. Just like his appearance in Ultimate Alien, he no longer has the black gloves and his tail and body look a lot bigger than usual. The New Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead. See images below:




Special Abilities: Stinkfly’s ability comes from the four instectoid wings he possesses. These wings allow him to be very quick and agile. His wings even help him with changing directions at an exceptional pace. Stinkfly’s second ability is that he can shoot green slime out of his mouth and eyes from the pollen ducts in a vast range of forms. These forms of his slime can be a flammable toxin that can blow up things (demonstrated by Kevin 11) and an immobilizing jelly which is very useful for capturing enemies and being able to use to swing anywhere like Spiderman can. Plus it serves as a good fire extinguisher. Like Eye Guy, Stinkfly is shown to have 360° Vision. He is even able to move two eyes at the back of his head and keep the other two eyes at the front of his head. Stinkfly third ability is poisonous gas, which was demonstrated in the episode, Don’t Drink the Water. When he was battling giant monstrous plants that were magically created by Hex the Magician, 4-year-old Stinkfly was able to emit a very powerful flatulation of his strange poisonous gas which was strong enough to whither them. Plus you have to be very careful because the gas he emits is very dangerous. Even though it’s shown that 4-year-old Stinkfly can emit this poisonous gas its actually unknown if the older Stinkfly has this kind of capability. Stinkfly’s fourth ability is enhanced strength. With this ability he uses he can carry heavy loads while he is maintaining a very steady flight. It also turned out that Stinkfly could even still fly while Vilgax was hanging on his tail, barely being weighed down by Vilgax’s immense size and weight. Stinkfly’s fifth ability is enhanced durability. His enhanced durability comes from his exoskeleton body because as it turns out its fairly strong, allowing him to survive unscathed while being smashed through buildings and being caught inside a large explosion. Stinkfly’s final ability is his sharp blade-like tail, which is known to slice through steel with little effort. See images below:

Stinkfly's Powers 1

Stinkfly's Powers 2

Stinkfly's Powers 3

Stinkfly's Powers 4

Stinkfly's Powers 5

Stinkfly's Powers 6

Stinkfly's Powers 7

Stinkfly's Powers 8

Stinkfly's Powers 9

Stinkfly's Powers 10

Stinkfly's Powers 11

Stinkfly's Powers 12

Stinkfly's Powers 13

Stinkfly's Powers 14

Stinkfly's Powers 15

Stinkfly's Powers 17

Stinkfly's Powers 16

Stinkfly's Powers 4

Stinkfly's Powers 18

Stinkfly's Powers 19

Stinkfly's Powers 20

Stinkfly's Powers 21

Stinkfly's Powers 22

Stinkfly's Powers 23

Stinkfly's Powers 24

Stinkfly's Powers 25


Weaknesses: One of Stinkfly’s weaknesses is that he is extremely weak to any kind of chemical poison or gas. Even though Stinkfly has a fairly strong exoskeleton, Stinkfly’s wings are a different story because not only are they very fragile but also they can get wet from water. If you want to know why water is his second weakness, it’s because if Stinkfly gets too much water on his wings then that means that he can’t fly and furthermore and it’s shown that he can’t even swim either because of the small surface area of his limbs. The third weakness of Stinkfly (which is a minor inconvenience) is his very smelly odor, which can be a major problem for him if he is trying to hide his smelly odor from anything or anyone. Stinkfly’s fourth weakness is if someone strong enough ties his tail up in something tough like a metal pipe he can find it very hard to get his tail free. His fifth weakness shows that he’s vulnerable to electricity like Terroranchilla’s energy web for example. His sixth weakness is his natural predator Buglizard. Why is this a weakness you ask is because if Stinkfly tries shooting slime at Buglizard’s feet to trap him, it’s shown that it doesn’t work because Buglizard has the ability neutralize the slime by emitting a strange kind of fog from the pouches on his (or her) neck. See images below:

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 1

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 2

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 3

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 4

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 5

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 6

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 7

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 8

Stinkfly's Weaknesses 9


First Appearance: Washington B.C.