When Ben was about to fight the citizens of Anur Transyl who where controled by a alien vampire named Lord Transyl the Omnitrix scaned Lord Transyl’s DNA and unlocking a new alien that Ben calls Whampire.

Species and Home planet: Whampire’s species is called a Vladat (who’s species was extinct) and the home planets of where he comes from are Anur Vladias (formerly) and Anur Transyl in the Anur System. See images of planet below:

Anur Transyl


Description (Omniverse): Whampire can be descriped as a vampire-like alien with greenish-white skin, sharp yellow teeth, a black and green colored jumpsuit, with the chest plate looking somewhat similar to that of Big Chill’s, he wears black colored gloves with green colored fingers that possess very sharp claws, there are green colored markings on his suit, and he wears a green colored mask with some spikes on it. His head is rather large and features green colored eyes. The head spikes are shown to be part of his suit but they don’t appear to cover any part of his body. Whampire also has green colored flaps under his arms, which appear to be resembling those of Jetray or either resembling the wings of a bat. The Corrupturas that Whampire uses can be described a small, dark green colored, diamond-shaped objects with light green colored eyes, little horns, and black colored bat-like wings. When Whampire turns into a bat, the bat from appears to be a small black colored ball with wings of the same color and size with a miniature version of his face is on the front of his body. When Wampire was burning in sunlight in the episode Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51, his clothes seem to burn off first, leaving his skin, now a greyish color, exposed before he burns. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his stomach. See image below:



Whampire as bat

Whampire burning up


Special abilities: Two of Whampire’s special abilities that he possesses is hypnosis and using the little creatures called Corruptera because just like Lord Transyl, he can use these abilities to control a victumes mind or a victumes body by shooting the Corruptera at the forehead. Whampire’s third ability is being able to absorbe and feeding off the energy (via feeding on blood) of living things by sucking on them like sipping through a straw. Whampire’s fourth ability is flight whether he is just as himself or as his bat form. Since Whampire is a member of the same species as Lord Transyl he is immune to Transyl’s mind control powers. Whampire’s fifth ability was demonstrated in the episode The Vampire Strikes Back, because when he was surround by Ben’s friends and the citizens of Anur Transyl he was able to generate a huge powerful sonic explosion that was able to blow all of his opponents away. Also just the regular bats and vampires that we have on our world Whampire can hang upside down and according to himself he does his best thinking while hanging there and plus he can also change himself at will into a alien vampire bat. Just like vampires Whampire’s sixth ability is infared vision which allows him to see the victims internal structure (like nerves in a person or alien’s body for example), and the evergy (blood) as well. Whampire’s final ability is enhanced strength which he was able to use to hold his own against a mob of Ectonurites (Ghostfreak’s species), Loboans (Benwolf or Blitzwolfer species), Thep Khufans (Snare-Oh’s species), and Transylians (Frankenstrike’s species) and who where being controled by Lord Transyl before eventually being overrun by them. After that he used his strength again against Lord Transyl himself until he was grabbed by him and after that he used that power when he defeated Vilgax in a Malware suit. See images below:

Whampire's Powers 1

Whampire's Powers 2

Whampire's Powers 3

Whampire's Powers 4

Whampire's Powers 5

Whampire's Powers 6

Whampire's Powers 7

Whampire's Powers 8

Whampire's Powers 9

Whampire's Powers 10

Whampire's Powers 11

Whampire's Powers 12

Whampire's Powers 13

Whampire's Powers 14

Whampire's Powers 15

Whampire's Powers 16

Whampire's Powers 17

Whampire's Powers 18

Whampire's Powers 19

Whampire's Powers 20

Whampire's Powers 21

Whampire's Powers 22

Whampire's Powers 23

Whampire's Powers 24

Whampire's Powers 25

Whampire's Powers 26

Whampire's Powers 27

Whampire's Powers 28

Whampire's Powers 29

Whampire's Powers 30

Whampire's Powers 31

Whampire's Powers 32

Whampire's Powers 33

Whampire's Powers 34

Whampire's Powers 35

Whampire's Powers 36

Whampire's Powers 37

Whampire's Powers 38

Whampire's Powers 39

Whampire's Powers 40

Whampire's Powers 41

Whampire's Powers 42

Whampire's Powers 43

Whampire's Powers 44

Whampire's Powers 45

Whampire's Powers 46

Whampire's Powers 47

Whampire's Powers 48

Whampire's Powers 49

Whampire's Powers 50

Whampire's Powers 51

Whampire's Powers 52

Whampire's Powers 53

Whampire's Powers 54

Whampire's Powers 55

Whampire's Powers 56

Whampire's Powers 57


Weaknesses: Just like all Vladats and vampires that we know of today, Whampire’s first weaknesses is sunlight because it can harm him and cannot stay in such an environment for more than a short period of time. His second weakness is when the Omnitrix times out, his Corrupturas will break apart, freeing his victims from their control. His fourth weakness is that he can’t control other Vladats with his hypnosis powers because they are immune. Whampire’s fifth weakness is trying to resist the urge to drain the energy of other life forms, especially intelligent beings, because if he doesn’t resist the urge this can make him potentially dangerous to teammates and other civilians. Whampire’s sixth weakness is that when his Corrupturas can’t attach to beings that have wet or slippery skin, as seen with Hobble for example, or beings that are intangible (as seen with Zs’Skayr for example), although they can attach to said species if they are caught off guard and are tangible when the Corruptura is shot at them. Cyborgs, such as Exo-Skull the cyborg alien rhino for example, are immune to both the Corrupturas and Whampire’s hypnosis. Whampire final weakness is that he can’t absorb the life energy of Ectonurites, because none of them don’t have any in the conventional sense. See images below:

Whampire's Weaknesses 1

Whampire's Weaknesses 2

Whampire's Weaknesses 3

Whampire's Weaknesses 4

Whampire's Weaknesses 5

Whampire's Weaknesses 6

Whampire's Weaknesses 7

Whampire's Weaknesses 8

Whampire's Weaknesses 9

Whampire's Weaknesses 10

Whampire's Weaknesses 11

Whampire's Powers 18

Whampire's Powers 19

Whampire's Weaknesses 12

Whampire's Weaknesses 13

Whampire's Weaknesses 14

Whampire's Weaknesses 15

Whampire's Weaknesses 16

Whampire's Weaknesses 17


First appearance: The Vampire Strikes Back