When Ben needed an alien that he could use to try and stop a really big flood of lava, he transformed into an alien that he remembers how to use because he saw seeing his future self (from an alternate timeline) use this kind of alien before. This alien (that Ben decided to call) is named Arctiguana!

Species and Home planet: Arctiguana’s species is called a Polar Manzardill and where he comes from is a planet named X’Nelli. No images of this planet.

Original Series Description: Arctiguana can be described as a humanoid iguana that sort of resembles an Earth iguana. He has three dorsal fins that are reaching down his back, gills on the sides of his head and small spikes that are around his face. Acrtiguana wears white pants with a black open-front shirt. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left hand. See image below:

Arctiguana OS


Ultimate Alien DescriptionWhen Arctiguana appeared in the intro for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, he does still have the three dorsal fins reaching down his back, the gills on the sides of his head, and the small spikes around his face but Arctiguana now wares white pants and a black open-front shirt that has no white cuffs. Also the Ultimatrix symbol is now located on his chest instead of his right hand. See image below:



Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, when (if) Arctiguana was used by 11-year-old Ben Arctiguana has sleeves with white cuffs and his legs are white and end in black when reaching his feet. His chest isn’t covered, so his gills are visible and his eyes are connected by the black stripe. Plus the spikes are still on his face. Also Omnitrix symbol is still located on his left wrist. When used by 16-year-old Ben in Omniverse, Arctiguana’s appearance shows that he is wearing clothing that seems to be covering most of his body. His chest is shown to be covered by a white shell and he now has four pointed fins instead of three pointed fins. His clothing goes all the way up to his head and his pants are fully black. The black stripes on his face do not go through his mouth anymore, but instead they are going around his mouth. The spikes that were on his face are now on his chin and the gills on his neck are no longer visible. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. When 11-year old Ben was in 16-year old Ben’s body, Articguana’s voice (when he spoke) was shown to be now slightly higher. See image below:

Arctiguana Omniverse


Ben 23 as Arctiguana (Freezelizard) DescriptionWhen Ben 23 used his version of Arctiguana (a.k.a Freezelizard) his wears a sleeved covering with white leg endings and the eyes are blue. The Omnitrix symbol located on his left wrist is blue with a gold outer casing. See image below:



Albedo as Arctiguana DescriptionWhen Albedo (Ben’s evil twin) used Arctiguana; his looked exactly like Ben’s except that his has grey skin and red clothing instead of white. Plus the eyes are red. Also the (recreated) Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Albedo as Arctiguana


Special Abilities: Arctiguana’s first ability that he has is being agile to fire a long-range freeze ray that is shown to isolate targets in ice on contact. This long-range freeze is shown to be even cold enough to freeze molten lava. This ability is similar to Big Chill’s ability. Arctiguana’s second ability shows that with the ice ray he can create a icy path that he can skate across in a snowboard-like fashion. Arctiguana’s third ability is that he can be able to survive in any sub-freezing temperatures just like Big Chill as well. His fourth ability shows that he can even to breath underwater like Ripjaws for example. Arctiguana’s fifth ability that he has is enhanced strength. When Ben was in an alternate dimension in the episode Store 23, his alternate counterpart Ben 23 demonstrated Arctiguana’s enhanced strength ability when he tackled Tetrax, and when he landed on a car, the roof of the car was dented up. Arctiguana’s sixth ability is wall crawling meaning that just likes a gecko he can be able to climb up a building with ease. This ability was also demonstrated by Ben 23 has well. As shown in the episode, For a Few Brains More, when Albedo was using Articguana he demonstrated that Arctiguana’s final ability is being able to use his breath as a means of quickly hovering himself (along with anyone that’s holding on to him) across the ground. See images below:

Arctiguana's powers 1

Arctiguana's powers 2

Arctiguana's powers 3

Arctiguana's powers 4

Arctiguana's powers 5

Arctiguana's powers 6

Arctiguana's powers 7

Arctiguana's powers 8

Arctiguana's powers 9

Arctiguana's powers 10

Arctiguana's powers 11

Arctiguana's powers 12


Weaknesses: The only weakness that Arctiguana has is that when he is using his ice breath ability too much, he’ll will need to catch his breath before he uses it again to freeze things. See example image below:

Articguana's Weaknesses 1


First AppearanceBen 10,000

Second Appearance: Hot Stretch

Third Appearance by Albedo: For a Few Brains More