Shock Rock

Shock Rock

In the new Ben 10 Reboot show when Ben was fighting Vilgax and the Wheatherhead robot trio he managed to unlock a brand new powerful alien hero that can absorb energy, reproduce it, use it to create awesome weapons, has powerful strength, and has indestructible stone armor. Although Ben lost this guy the new alien hero was fun while it lasted. This new alien’s name is Shock Rock!

Description (Ben 10 Reboot): Shock Rock can be described as a energy rock humanoid. His whole body appears to mainly consist of blue energy. There are four retractable spikes protruding from both of his shoulders. His arms are rather large, stretching down nearly to his feet in resting position. His arms, chest, and legs are rock-like. A moss-like substance can be seen around his neck and shoulders. Shock Rock wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. In the episode Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter, though Shock Rock is the same the Omnitrix symbol was absent from due to being used inside the Omnitrix instead of being outside of the Omnitrix. In the episode Innervasion while he was under the influence of the High Override, Shock Rock’s energy turned purple and he gained a cape. His spikes were sharper and his head shape was different. In the reboot Ben 10 episode Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!, Shock Rock wore armored shin guards, shoulder pads, and wrist guards alongside a helmet with a green feather. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. In the episode Tales from the Omnitrix, Shock Rock appeared to be a bit muscular along with a four pack. His face also appeared to be somewhat long and slim. In the episode Xingo’s Back, Shock Rock was pixelated with no moss on his shoulders and chest whatsoever. See images below:

Shock Rock 1

Shock Rock 2

Shock Rock 3

Shock Rock 4

Shock Rock 5

Shock Rock 6


Species and Home PlanetShock Rock species is called Fulmini and the home planet of where he comes from is called Fulmas which somehow was mysteriously destroyed.

Special abilitiesShock Rocks first ability shows that he can release strong, blue electrical charges from any part of his body, which he can use to construct various weapons and tools such as a boomerang (dubbed a “bluemerang”) and a shield. Shock Rock’s second ability shows that he is able to absorb external sources of energy, such as a Chimera Sui Generis‘ optical lasers. Shock Rock’s third ability shows that he can stretch his arms at a certain extent. Shock Rock’s fourth ability shows that with the use of electricity powers he can power up and enhance machines. His fifth and sixth abilities are his indestructible stone armor and enhanced strength that he possesses. Shock Rock’s seventh ability shows that can use his electrokinesis to telekinetically move objects which is quite impressive. His eighth ability shows that he can create force fields and electrokinetic barriers that he can use to protect others and himself. Shock Rocks ninth ability shows that he create energy boxes that are good a trapping enemies and can remain even if he times out. Shock Rock’s eleventh ability shows that he can generate wormholes, as demonstrated by other members of his species the Fulmini. He can also increase the size of a wormhole, by using his energy to also expand the particles. Shock Rock’s twelfth ability show that his DNA pod can absorb the excess charge from the Omnitrix and enhance the other aliens. His thirteenth ability shows that although he has not yet done so on his own accord, Shock Rock can manipulate the weather to the point of being able to create a massive storm. His final ability shows that while under the control of the High Override (leader of the Fulmini Empire), Shock Rock’s power would be boosted to the point where he could use it to destroy Earth itself. See images below:

Shock Rock's Powers 1

Shock Rock's Powers 2

Shock Rock's Powers 3

Shock Rock's Powers 4

Shock Rock's Powers 5

Shock Rock's Powers 6

Shock Rock's Powers 19

Shock Rock's Powers 33

Shock Rock's Powers 37

Shock Rock's Powers 38

Shock Rock's Powers 41

Shock Rock's Powers 40

Shock Rock's Powers 7

Shock Rock's Powers 8

Shock Rock's Powers 9

Shock Rock's Powers 10

Shock Rock's Powers 11

Shock Rock's Powers 12

Shock Rock's Powers 13

Shock Rock's Powers 14

Shock Rock's Powers 15

Shock Rock's Powers 16

Shock Rock's Powers 17

Shock Rock's Powers 18

Shock Rock's Powers 34

Shock Rock's Powers 35

Shock Rock's Powers 36

Shock Rock's Powers 20

Shock Rock's Powers 21

Shock Rock's Powers 22

Shock Rock's Powers 23

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 32

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 31

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 30

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 29

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 28

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 27

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 26

XB_(34).Shock Rock's Powers 25

Shock Rock's Powers 24

Shock Rock's Powers 42

Shock Rock's Powers 43

Shock Rock's Powers 44

Shock Rock's Powers 45

Shock Rock's Powers 46

Shock Rock's Powers 51

Shock Rock's Powers 50
Shock Rock's Powers 47

Shock Rock's Powers 48

Shock Rock's Powers 49

Shock Rock's Powers 52

Shock Rock's Powers 53

Shock Rock's Powers 54

Shock Rock's Powers 55

Shock Rock's Powers 56

Shock Rock's Powers 57

Shock Rock's Powers 58

Shock Rock's Powers 59

Shock Rock's Powers 60

Shock Rock's Powers 61

Shock Rock's Powers 62

Shock Rock's Powers 63

Shock Rock's Powers 64

Shock Rock's Powers 65

Shock Rock's Powers 66

Shock Rock's Powers 67

Shock Rock's Powers 68

Shock Rock's Powers 69


Weaknesses: Shock Rock’s first weakness if he absorbs too much energy he has to expel it or it could destroy him as demonstrated when he battled Vilgax when he absorbed too much energy from his laser eye powers. Shock Rock’s second weakness is he can inadvertently give his enemies an energy boost if the machine he is charging up is a trap for his power to siphon through. His third weakness is he’s vulnerable to being controlled by a superior member of his species, such as the High Override. His fourth weakness shows that he is vulnerable to having his energy absorbed. Shock Rock’s fifth weakness shows that the constructs that he makes can unintentionally electrocute humans who come in contact with them. His sixth weakness shows that there’s a limit to how fast he goes. His final weakness shows that Shock Rock’s electric attacks are useless against rubber materials like tires, gloves, etc. See images below:

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 1

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 2

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 3

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 4

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 5

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 6

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 7

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 8

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 9

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 10

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 11

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 12

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 13

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 14

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 15

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 16

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 17

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 18

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 19

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 20

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 9

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 21

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 22

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 23

Shock Rock's Weaknesses 24


First Appearance (Ben 10 Reboot)The 11th Alien: Part 1

Second Appearance (Ben 10 Reboot)The 11th Alien: Part 2