When Ben was chasing a plumbers kid named Alan (who formally worked for Servantis and his Black Ops Plumbers) from the episode Everybody Talks About the Weather, he used an alien that can fly and can use super speed in order to catch up with Alan. Also this alien can even shoot lasers from its eyes and tail. The name of this new alien that Ben used is called Jetray!

Species and home planet: Jetray’s species is called Aerophibian and where he comes from is a planet that’s called Aeropela. No image of this planet available.

Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Jetray can be described as a manta-ray like humanoid alien with a red skin colored body, two black colored lighting bolt stripes that come down from his shoulders to the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol, yellow horns that extend from his nose, gills that are shown to be underneath his arms, and yellow wings that he uses to help him fly in the air and help him glide through water. He is shown to be slightly taller then Ben’s girl friend Julie is and he’s shown to be just about Ben’s regular height which excludes the horns he has. If you look closely at Jetray’s wings you can see that they look like flaps of skin that you see on a flying squirrel or on a sugar glider. Also the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Jetray (A&UA)

Jetray compared to a person


Albedo as Jetray Description: When Albedo used Jetray his did look exactly the same but even though the form was damaged if Albedo did use Jetray again throughout the series the eyes and the Ultimatrix/New Ultimatrix symbol would be red instead of green. Also the lasers would even be red instead of green as well. See image below:

Albedo as Jetray


Special abilities:¬†The first ability of Jetray is that he can fly at supersonic speeds and can maneuver through the air with little to no flapping and he can even accelerate to speeds that are greater than light with very much ease. Jetray’s second ability is being capable of maneuvering through space, which is a task that doesn’t take no amount of flapping allowed. His flight speed does also allow him to go into hyperspace light speed like the ships in Star Wars. This means that Jetray can travel across interstellar distances in moments. Jetray does also appear to have an additional key of flight beyond his wings and also in proportion to his size. He does have a very short wingspan, although the information about his weight is unknown. Jetray third ability is shooting neuroshock lazer-like blasts from his eyes and tail. His fourth ability is that if turns out that his body is very durable enough to withstand gunfire coming from a fighter jet, although it does cause him some great discomfort. His fifth ability shows that since he has gills he can breath under water like Ripjaws for example. Jetray’s sixth ability also shows that he can even survive in a vacuum of space. Jetray final ability is that he is shown to have a degree of enhanced strength when was demonstrated in the episode The Enemy of My Enemy, when he was fighting against Ultimate Kevin. See images below:

Jetray's Powers 1

Jetray's Powers 2

Jetray's Powers 3

Jetray's Powers 4

Jetray's Powers 5

Jetray's Powers 6

Jetray's Powers 27

Jetray's Powers 7

Jetray's Powers 8

Jetray's Powers 9

Jetray's Powers 10

Jetray's Powers 11

Jetray's Powers 12

Jetray's Powers 13

Jetray's Powers 14

Jetray's Powers 15

Jetray's Powers 16

Jetray's Powers 17

Jetray's Powers 18

Jetray's Powers 19

Jetray's Powers 20

Jetray's Powers 21

Jetray's Powers 22

Jetray's Powers 23

Jetray's Powers 25

Jetray's Powers 24

Jetray's Powers 26

Jetray's Powers 28

Jetray's Powers 29

Jetray's Powers 30

Jetray's Powers 31

Jetray's Powers 17

Jetray's Powers 32

Jetray's Powers 33


Weaknesses: The first¬†weaknesses that Jetray has is that he isn’t immune to his neuroshock lasers. His second weakness is that he cannot walk very well due to the proportionally thin hind limbs on his feet. His final weakness shows that he can easily get tangled up in Spidermonkey’s spider webs as seen in the episode Good Copy, Bad Copy. See images below:

Jetray's Weaknesses 1

Jetray's Weaknesses 2

Jetray's Weaknesses 3

Jetray's Weaknesses 4

Jetray's Weaknesses 5

Jetray's Weaknesses 6

Jetray's Weaknesses 7

Jetray's Weaknesses 8

Jetray's Weaknesses 9

Jetray's Weaknesses 10

Jetray's Weaknesses 11

Jetray's Weaknesses 12


First Appearance: Everybody Talks About the Weather