When Ben and Generator Rex where faceing against Alpha, Ben accidentally unlocked a brand new alien that looks like a yeti-sasquatch and has the power to fire electricity. This new yeti-sasquatch alien is named Shocksquatch!

Species and Home planet: Shocksquatch’s species is called a Gimlinopithecus and where he comes from is a planet called Pattersonea. No known images of planet.

Description (Heroes United): Shocksquatch can be described as a thick, muscular yeti-sasquatch-like alien with white, grey, and blue fur, along with a reddish-pink colored face and furry pointed eyebrows. He has green colored eyes with black pupils, metallic grey colored curcular bolts located on his hands and lower jaw, five fingers like a regular human being, and also the Ultimatrix symbol is loacted on his chest. See image below:

Shocksquatch UA (HU)


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Shocksquatch appearence does appear similar like before except that his fur is now a yollow and back color and he has grey colored fingers and toes. He now has four fingers instead of five fingers and he has two bolts on each side of his wrists instead on the back of his hands. He still has the green colored eyes with black pupils along with some yellow colored horns in the shape of a trident on his head and the now wheres a green and white stripped belt when the new Omnitrix symbol is located. See image below:

Shocksquatch OV


Ben 23 as Shocksquatch DescriptionWhen Ben 23 used his version of Shocksquatch which he calls Electricyeti, his did look the same as Ben’s except he has yellow and blue fur instead of yellow and black fur. He does have the same gray colored along grey fingers and toes though. He has two bolts on the side of his wrists instead of the back of his hands. His eyes are blue instead of green with black pupils and yellow horns. He also has a belt (that’s blue and white instead of green and white) where the Omnitrix symbol is located. The Omnitrix symbol located on the belt is blue instead of green with a gold outer casing. See image below:

Electric Yeti


Special abilities: Shocksquatch’s first ability is that he can be able to release very strong and powerful yellow colored electrical charges from any part of his body just like Brainstorm. His second ability shows that he can use his electricity to cover objects and telekinetically move them. His third ability shows that he can even move his electricity along a surface to cover an object or shock a target. His fourth ability is that he can charge the impacts and collisions with his electricity to enhance it, as well as move it along a surface. His fifth ability is his enhanced agility that makes him more agile than he looks, as when he was able to jump over Stinkfly’s natural predator Buglizard in Undertown and he is very agile when running on all fours when an enemy is try to blast him with a lazer gun like the when the bounty hunter Sundar in the episode Have I Got a Deal for You. Shocksquatch’s sixth ability he possesses is enhanced strength because as shown in the episode The More Things Change Part: 2, when he used his enhanced strength to punched Buglizard until the ground gave way to the point when he and Buglizard fell through the ground and into the subway. His final two abilities would show that he’s cold and radiation resistant. See images below:

Shocksquatch's powers 1

Shocksquatch's powers 2

Shocksquatch's powers 3

Shocksquatch's powers 4

Shocksquatch's powers 5

Shocksquatch's powers 6

Shocksquatch's powers 7

Shocksquatch's powers 8

Shocksquatch's powers 9

Shocksquatch's powers 10

Shocksquatch's powers 11

Shocksquatch's powers 12

Shocksquatch's powers 13

Shocksquatch's powers 14

Shocksquatch's powers 15

Shocksquatch's powers 16

Shocksquatch's powers 17

Shocksquatch's powers 18

Shocksquatch's powers 19

Shocksquatch's powers 20

Shocksquatch's powers 21

Shocksquatch's powers 22

Shocksquatch's powers 23

Shocksquatch's powers 24

Shocksquatch's powers 25

Shocksquatch's powers 26

Shocksquatch's powers 27

Shocksquatch's powers 28

Shocksquatch's powers 29

Shocksquatch's powers 30

Shocksquatch's powers 31

Shocksquatch's powers 32

Shocksquatch's powers 33

Shocksquatch's powers 34

Shocksquatch's powers 35

Shocksquatch's powers 36

Shocksquatch's powers 37

Shocksquatch's powers 38

Shocksquatch's powers 39

Shocksquatch's powers 40

Shocksquatch's powers 41

Shocksquatch's powers 42

Shocksquatch's powers 43

Shocksquatch's powers 44

Shocksquatch's powers 45

Shocksquatch's powers 46

Shocksquatch's powers 47

Shocksquatch's powers 48


Weaknesses: The first weakness that Shocksquatch has that he can’t use his electrical power if he is insulated. The weakness was shown in the episodes Outbreak and A Fistfull of Brains, when Bubble Helmet has turned to Shocksquatch and when Shocksquatch was trying to defeat Ultimate Spidermonkey he got held up by his webs. Also if the enemy has enough insulation then that means Shocksquatch electrical powers can be stopped for good. His second weakness is that his electricity isn’t strong enough against opponents with touch skin like Looma the Tetraman Princess. This was demonstrated in the episode Many Happy Returns. His final weakness is that because he’s an electric alien he can be vulnerable to Phil the Terroranchula hybrid (Max’s former partner and former Nemetrix test subject) since he needs to feed. This weakness what demonstrated in the episode Max’s Monster. See images below:

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 1

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 2

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 3

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 4

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 5

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 6

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 7

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 8

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 9

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 10

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 11

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 12

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 13

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 14

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 15

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 16

Shocksquatch's Weaknesses 17


First Appearance: Ben 10-Generator Rex Hero’s United