When Ben was battling Aggregor he used another new alien he got from the Ra’ad (who is the last one of the five alien fugitives). This new alien that Ben used is named AmpFibian.

Species and Home planet: AmpFibian’s species is called an Amperi and he comes from an unknown planet that is located in the Andromeda galaxy. No known images of this planet.

Description (Ultimate Alien): AmpFibian can be described as a humanoid jellyfish-like alien with six tentacles that can function as two pairs of arms and a pair of legs. He has green eyes (blue at first when Ra’ad merged with him) with no pupils in them and he has these white colored swipes on his body that are shown to resemble lightning bolts. His main body has three segmented, skirt-like parts, one for his head and one for both his chest and abdomen. The Ultimatrix symbol is also located on his chest. See image below:

AmpFibian Ultimate Alien

AmpFibian UA


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, AmpFibian’s appearance does look like his Ultimate Alien appearance but with a few changes. For example the new Omnitrix symbol is now located on his mouth instead of his chest, his green eyes are now larger with a black outlining in them which is shown to have become much more prominent, his fins are shown to be pointed instead of curved (although his body segments are much the same), and the white colored lightning streak swipes on his body have also been altered. See image below:

AmpFibian Omniverse


Special abilities: The first special ability of AmpFibian is that he can manipulate and produce lightning and electricity. He can even launch it out in electrical blasts as shown in the Ben 10 video game, Cosmic Destruction. Also in the video game AmpFibian demonstrated that he is capable of generating very large powerful energy blast surrounding him. In the episode Deep, when Ben used AmpFibian against Piscciss Volann guards on the home planet of his alien transformation Ripjaws, AmpFibian demonstrated his second ability of being able to absorb electrical energy from energy nets to power cables and such. Also after AmpFibian absorbs the electricity he then redirects it back at his enemies. The third ability that AmpFibian has is that just like the megawatt aliens he can travel through electrical cables by turning himself into pure energy. His fourth ability shows that like Big Chill and Ghostfreak, he can become intangible as shows in the episode Inspector 13. His fifth ability is electrokinesis. Using that ability in a combination with is intangible ability he’s capable of electrically shocking objects and other beings when he phases right through them. His sixth ability shows that even though AmpFibian has not yet trained himself to do so, Ra’ad could read Kevin’s (or anyone else’s) thoughts by sensing the electrical pulses of his mind. AmpFibian’s seventh ability shows that like Ben’s other transformations that are capable breathing underwater, he can breathe underwater as well and can even swim at enhanced speeds. AmpFibian’s eighth ability shows that like Ben’s flying transformations, he’s capable of flying as well. AmpFibian’s ninth ability shows that his tentacles can extend multiple times their length. AmpFibian’s final ability shows that because of his lack of bones that allows him to squeeze into extremely tight spaces easily. See images below:

AmpFibian's Powers 1

AmpFibian's Powers 2

AmpFibian's Powers 3

AmpFibian's Powers 10

AmpFibian's Powers 4

AmpFibian's Powers 5
AmpFibian's Powers 7

AmpFibian's Powers 8

AmpFibian's Powers 9

AmpFibian's Powers 11

AmpFibian's Powers 12

AmpFibian's Powers 13

AmpFibian's Powers 14

AmpFibian's Powers 15

AmpFibian's Powers 16

AmpFibian's Powers 17

AmpFibian's Powers 31

AmpFibian's Powers 18

AmpFibian's Powers 19

AmpFibian's Powers 20

AmpFibian's Powers 21

AmpFibian's Powers 22

AmpFibian's Powers 23

AmpFibian's Powers 24

AmpFibian's Powers 25

AmpFibian's Powers 26

AmpFibian's Powers 27

AmpFibian's Powers 28

AmpFibian's Powers 29

AmpFibian's Powers 30

AmpFibian's Powers 32

AmpFibian's Powers 33

AmpFibian's Powers 34

AmpFibian's Powers 35

AmpFibian's Powers 36

AmpFibian's Powers 37

AmpFibian's Powers 38

AmpFibian's Powers 39

AmpFibian's Powers 40

AmpFibian's Powers 41


Weaknesses: AmpFibian’s first weakness is that even though he uses electricity powers underwater the problem is that if he uses his electric powers when entering the water or if part of him is in the water, he will shock himself, which can be very painful. Ra’ad demonstrated this weakness in the episode Fused. AmpFibian’s second weakness shows that he’s weak against enemies who drain electricity, like Phil for example from the episode Max’s Monster. His third weakness shows that he can’t shock enemies that are immune his electric powers like Solid Plugg for example. His final weakness shows that since his body is very frail, heavy objects falling on top of him can make him faint. See images below:

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 1

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 2

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 3

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 4

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 5

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 6

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 7

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 8

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 9

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 10

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 11

AmpFibian's Weaknesses 12


First Appearance: Fused