After Ben as Bloxx managed to throw the reverse switch on Albedo’s cerebro vortex machine, Albedo got very angery and attacked Ben while he was trying to find a way to get Azmuth’s brain out of the machine. Albedo then knocked Ben off the machine as Ultimate Humungosaur. As he kept punching Ben he said to him that ridding himself of him would be nothing more than swatting at a bug. After puching Ben a lot Albedo then throwing him as he changed back Albedo then said “And your world is crawling with even weaker bugs, I’ll make and example of them.” Ben then activated the Omnitrix and said to Azmuth “Here you’re having better luck with it than me.” Azmuth then pushes down on the Omnitrix with his head and transfroms Ben into a brand new alien which he named Atomix!

Species and Home planet: Atomix’s species appears to be unknown and the home planet of where he comes from is unknown. No known images of planet.

Description (Omniverse): Atomix can be described as robotic humanoid alien with an appearance that appears to be taller than Negative Ultimate Humongosaur. His body is colored green and white, with some large cylinders on his arms and two small circular ords on his sholders with dark green colored bubbled-like spheres that appear to constently move around. He does appear to have the every same energy on his Omnitrix-shaped chest, his mouth doesn’t move he speaks, and his head appears to be an armored pointed shaped helmet. Also the Omnitrix symbol is located on a green and white colored belt that is around Atomix’s waist. See image below:



Personality: Atomix’s personality shows that he acts with a kind of “righteous” personality and when he talks to a person he speaks with proper titles such as for example referring to Max Tennyson as “grandfather,” and Gwen Tennyson as “cousin.” When Atomix is using his powers it turns out that he names his special attack just like an anime character from an anime tv show.


Special abilities: One of Atomix’s special abilities is that (as him implies) he can create and manipulate nuclear energy which appears to do a massive amount of damage to it’s surroundings. This means that fundamentally he’s a walking nuclear reactor. The way he is able to the blasts of energy is by chanting these words “HAA-MEE-NA HAA-MEE-NA HAA-MEE-NA!” Sometimes Atomix doesn’t usually need to chant every time he does an attack, but as it turns out he does so for some attacks so that he can focus his powers. Atomix’s second ability is being able to activate he cylinders on his arms and his Omnitrix-shaped chest to melt away nearby objects like Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey’s webs for example. Atomix’s third ability is enhanced strength which appears to be strong enough to take out Negative Ultimate Humongosaur with a single punch, or kick an object up to a very altitude and also his body appears to give he substantial protection against any physical attacks. Atomix’s fourth ability is flight because he does appear to be capable of flying. Atomix other known abilities include Fissle Whistle which is a flying ramming attack, Nuclear Winner which is a massive blast of energy that can easily knock out Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey and other enemies, as well as devastate the surrounding area, and Fusion Cuisine which is a fusion energy ball, which (just like a bright sun) can burn up Zs’Skayr and was able to greatly harm Lord Transyl. Atomix can also make this kind of attack continue even after he turns back into Ben. The light of the fusion energy ball is shown to be so bright, that everyone that was present got blinded by it in the episode, The Vampire Strikes Back. See images below:

Atomix's powers 1

Atomix's powers 2

Atomix's powers 3

Atomix's powers 5

Atomix's powers 4

Atomix's powers 6

Atomix's powers 7

Atomix's powers 8

Atomix's powers 9

Atomix's powers 10

Atomix's powers 11

Atomix's powers 12

Atomix's powers 13

Atomix's powers 14

Atomix's powers 15

Atomix's powers 16

Atomix's powers 17

Atomix's powers 18

Atomix's powers 19

Atomix's powers 20

Atomix's powers 21

Atomix's powers 22

Atomix's powers 23

Atomix's powers 24

Atomix's powers 25

Atomix's powers 58

Atomix's powers 59

Atomix's powers 26

Atomix's powers 27

Atomix's powers 28

Atomix's powers 29

Atomix's powers 30

Atomix's powers 31

Atomix's powers 32

Atomix's powers 33

Atomix's powers 34

Atomix's powers 35

Atomix's powers 36

Atomix's powers 37

Atomix's powers 38

Atomix's powers 39

Atomix's powers 40


Atomix's powers 41

Atomix's powers 42

Atomix's powers 43

Atomix's powers 44

Atomix's powers 45

Atomix's powers 46

Atomix's powers 47

Atomix's powers 48

Atomix's powers 49

Atomix's powers 50

Atomix's powers 51

Atomix's powers 52

Atomix's powers 53

Atomix's powers 54

Atomix's powers 55

Atomix's powers 56

Atomix's powers 57


Weaknesses: Atomix’s first weakness shows that he’s boundlessly overconfident which can cause a total meltdown. His second weakness is that after Atomix uses up most of his energy he gets tired easily. See images below:

Atomix's Weaknesses 1

Atomix's Weaknesses 2


First appearance: For a Few Brains More