Azmuth’s Origins

Azmuth’s Origins

On this first page there will be some information on Azmuth and why he invented the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix, and the new Omnitrix. The second part of information will the types of functions that these three have.

Description: Azmuth can be described as a six inch creature called a Galvan which is the species of Ben’s alien Greymatter. Azimuth is referred by all of his Galvan peers as first thinker on his home plant Galvan Prime and it’s said that he is the greatest mind in three or possibly five galaxies. He’s gifted with years of experience and knowledge gained thanks to his age and is a skilled inventor having created numerous inventions, his greatest being the Omnitrix. Since he created the prototype Omnitrix Ben got as a ten year old he knows all about its functions so he has the potential to use any model of the Omnitrix more effectively than anyone else. On Primus, a planet which he created to store the DNA of a million species throughout the galaxy he uses the Omnitrix himself to fight Vilgax when he invaded Primus.

Abilities: Despite being its creator, Azmuth has been shown to have little bit of fighting skills than Ben. He does attributes this to being “a little out of practice.”

Past life: Azmuth told Ben, Gwen, and Kevin a story about his past life of why he created the Sword Ascalon. Back when Azmuth was young he was having a relationship with a girl Galvin named Zennith and durning their relationship Azmuth and Zennith created the sword. But after the swords creation an stole it so that he could use it to bring peace but the sword only caused destruction by destroying the entire planet. The destruction of that one planet was why Zennith left Azmuth because he was arrogant and he didn’t listen to her. After that incident Azmuth created the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix, and the new Omnitrix as a way of apologizing to Zennith for being arrogant and not listening to her when she tried to warn him about the dangers of Ascalon.

Different functions of the prototype Omnitrix, Ultimatrix, and the New Omnitrix: The first types of functions that these three devices have are DNA scanners quick change features, Master Control combination, they can add extras to Ben’s alien forms (like Goop’s anti-gravity disk, NRG’s suit, Toepick’s mask, etc.) in order to make the forms more safe/usable, and they can be controlled by voice command. The second types of function they don’t rely on the Codon Stream for transformation, instead having the DNA stored within itself in a computerized form, they have a Life-Form Lock function which allows the user to stay in an alien form for an extended period of time, however, it is dangerous to use often. Sometimes the user dosen’t transform into the wrong alien but if the user does transform into the wrong alien then it’s the users fault. The last types of functions is the recharging function (meaning that when the device times out it recharges), alien collecting function, self destruct function (very dangerous), a function that can repair genetic damage to a  person or alien, and a randomizer function which has two modes. The first one is the user will continuously changes between different aliens every few minutes before timing out and the second mode is the user will turn into one random alien for an inconsistent short period of time before changing back to normal.

Here below are photos of what Azmuth looked like and what he looked over the years when the series was changed: