About me

About me

Ben's senior picture full body

Hi my name is Ben Fields and I am 22 years old. I am studying to become a web designer/programmer!

I work very hard in school and I’m getting closer to my career goals every day. I am very good at impersonations of real people or cartoon characters, especially characters from Ben 10, Yu-Gi-Oh and “Aladdin.” I play guitar in a Cars cover band that I’m doing with my parents. I do love to snorkel and surf (I hope to be like Big Z from Surfs Up).

My goal is to design websites for a living as well as create sites for my hobbies and favorite TV shows. Another goal is to become an actor because I became inspired by the world’s greatest comedy actors Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. I would like to remake some of their movies to bring their comedy to a new generation.

Also me and my brother Jackson are hoping to remake other movies like Percy Jackson and the Olympians to make them better because when I saw the Percy Jackson movie it didn’t turn out to be what I expected which is why me and Jack have decided to remake the movie into what some of it was suppose to look like.

I’m an expert with Fireworks, Photoshop, and other graphical programs. I like making power point presentations of some of my favorite movies like “The Mummy,” for example, and sometimes on prehistoric animals. I also managed to meet one of the most famous funny men in Hollywood: Robin Williams. I like Robin Williams because he is a very funny guy and I liked some of the movies that he stared in, plus the TV series he was in called “Mork and Mindy”.

I can do impressions of him from Mork and Mindy episodes, the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” and some of the other movies that he was in. I even hope to also create a story book with some help from my mom and dad.

This story is going to be called The Dragon Manual because the title of this book came from the movie “How To Train Your Dragion”. In the book I will make someday, will be information on the different classes of Dragons that Hiccup and his friends have seen throughout the years. The information in this book will tell you about the different classes of dragons, if can they be trainable, and other things to know about them.

Here below is a video of the Abbott and Costello routine that me and my brother Jack are planning to do:

I am currently doing a summer internship at the Boulder County where I’ve been doing a special web project for Boulder County!