When Ben was facing Fistrick in a exo-skeletal mecha-suit that was powered by Nosedeenians (which is what the Megawatts are actually called) Ben tried to turn into Fourarms but instead the new Omntrix transformered him into a new alien that was already unlocked. This new alien’s name is Gravattack.

Species and Home planet: Gravattack’s species is called a Galilean and where he comes from is a planet called Keplorr. No known images of planet.

Description (Omniverse): Gravattack can be described as a living planetary humanoid with large, bulky reddish brown rocky skin. He has a giant mouth and a molten lava planet core that is located at the center of his body and his feet are tan with three toes. Like all of Ben’s transformations he has three fingers and one thumb on each of his hands. He wears black colored shorts along with green stripes and a green belt with white stripes. Also the Omnitrix symbol is loacted on his forehead. See image below:



Albedo has Gravattack DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Gravattack before going to Ultimate Gravattack, his looked the same has Ben’s except the large, bulky reddish brown body is now magenta and red-colored, and the eyes are red instead of green. Also the Ultimatrix symbol located on his head is now red instead of green. See image below:

Negative Gravattack


Bad Ben as Gravattack DescriptionWhen Bad Ben used his version of Gravattack, his does look the same as Ben’s, except the large, bulky reddish brown body is now violet colored, and his eyes are mint green instead of the usual green color. His core and gravity powers are purple now. The Omnitrix symbol located on his forehead (as always) is now mint green instead of the usual green color as well. See image below:

Bad Ben as Gravattack


Ben 23 as Gravatack DescriptionWhen Ben 23 mentioned his version of Gravattack which he calls Orbit Man, if he did turn into him his would look the same as Ben’s except the rocks on his bulky body and maybe the core would be in a different color and the black shorts would have blue stripes instead of green and the Omnitrix symbol would be blue instead of green with a gold ring. See preview image of Orbit Man below:

Orbit Man


Special abilities: The first special ability that Gravattack has is being to able to control gravity and using it to manipulate the weight of objects and the motion of objects. This allows him to suspend and levitate his targets in the air, sending them flying back and fourth, or slamming them down to the ground with ease with simple hand gestures. This control he has over gravity allows him to change its direction, allowing him to telekinetically send targets flying upwards or across the air as if they were falling. When using his powers, he emits an aura of hazy energy. He can even form this energy into walls, barriers, and even domes. Gravattack’s second ability is making matter or energy orbit around him whenever he retracts his limbs, giving himself the appearance of a planetoid-like sphere. He can also place the objects into an orbital track, causing them to fly in circles at various speeds. His third ability is that he can even manipulate his own gravity in order to levitate off the ground. Gravattack’s other two abilities that he possesses is enhanced strength and durability. These abilities were shown in the episode A Jolt From The Past, when Gravattack was enduring physical attacks from Fistrick’s armored robot suit. He did also used his enhanced strength when he was fighting a Time Beast in the episode Let’s Do the Time War Again. Also Gravattack has the ability to survive in a vacuum of space since he’s a living planet and all. See images below:

Gravattack's Powers 1

Gravattack's Powers 2

Gravattack's Powers 3

Gravattack's Powers 4

Gravattack's Powers 5

Gravattack's Powers 6

Gravattack's Powers 7

Gravattack's Powers 8

Gravattack's Powers 9

Gravattack's Powers 10

Gravattack's Powers 11

Gravattack's Powers 12

Gravattack's Powers 13

Gravattack's Powers 14

Gravattack's Powers 15

Gravattack's Powers 16

Gravattack's Powers 17

Gravattack's Powers 18

Gravattack's Powers 19

Gravattack's Powers 20

Gravattack's Powers 21

Gravattack's Powers 22

Gravattack's Powers 23

Gravattack's Powers 24

Gravattack's Powers 25

Gravattack's Powers 26

Gravattack's Powers 27

Gravattack's Powers 28

Gravattack's Powers 29

Gravattack's Powers 30

Gravattack's Powers 31

Gravattack's Powers 32

Gravattack's Powers 33

Gravattack's Powers 34

Gravattack's Powers 35

Gravattack's Powers 36

Gravattack's Powers 37

Gravattack's Powers 38

Gravattack's Powers 39

Gravattack's Powers 40

Gravattack's Powers 41

Gravattack's Powers 42

Gravattack's Powers 43

Gravattack's Powers 44

Gravattack's Powers 45

Gravattack's Powers 46

Gravattack's Powers 47

Gravattack's Powers 48

Gravattack's Powers 49

Gravattack's Powers 50

Gravattack's Powers 55

Gravattack's Powers 51

Gravattack's Powers 52

Gravattack's Powers 53

Gravattack's Powers 54


Weaknesses: As revealed in the episode Food Around the Corner, one of Gravattack’s weaknesses is that if his planet core is taking large amounts of damage, then he will start to meltdown and explode, much like the way an actual planet can in real life. His second weakness is that because his body is large it makes it very hard for Gravattack to move in small spaces. As shown in the episode For a Few Brains More, Gravattack’s third weakness is that if there is a sudden change in mass of an object it can throw off Gravattack’s orbit. His fourth weaknesses shows that Gravattack can’t stop someone from using energy-based attacks. His final weakness when he was using his gravity powers to trap the Time Beast, he accidentally created a black hole. See images below:

Gravattack's weaknesses 1

Gravattack's weaknesses 2

Gravattack's weaknesses 3

Gravattack's weaknesses 4

Gravattack's weaknesses 5

Gravattack's weaknesses 6

Gravattack's weaknesses 7

Gravattack's weaknesses 8

Gravattack's weaknesses 9

Gravattack's weaknesses 10

Gravattack's weaknesses 11

Gravattack's weaknesses 12

Gravattack's weaknesses 13

Gravattack's weaknesses 14

Gravattack's weaknesses 15

Gravattack's weaknesses 16

Gravattack's weaknesses 17

Gravattack's weaknesses 18

Gravattack's weaknesses 19


First appearance: A Jolt From The Past