In the series Ben 10 Alien Force, when Ben was fighting the Forever Knights and alien creatures called DNAliens at a freight train yard the Omnitrix did a startling transformation and unlocked brand new aliens that Ben hadn’t seen before. The first new alien that Ben used to battle the DNAliens, Forever Knights, and Kevin 11 was a new plant alien called Swampfire!

Species and Home planet: Swampfire’s species is called a Methanosian and where he comes is a planet that is called Methanos. No image of this planet available.

Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Swampfire can be described as plant-like alien humanoid with a overall green and black colored body with mostly a flame patterned head and root like feet that seem to be holding rocks which is why his feet look a bit like shoes. His green eyes are oval shaped with points at each end with pupils copying the shape but are smaller. His head and shoulders have red colored petals, he is shown to be taller than an average human being, and he has a very distinct rotten that worsens when his using his fire ability. His voice is shown to be very stuffy when he talks because he doesn’t actually have a nose. See image below:

Swampfire AF&UA


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Swampfire’s appearance hasn’t really changed that much except for his rooted-like feet are more rooted-like than before. His arms are larger than usual and his hands are now five claw-fingered hands. His plant-like skin is now an olive green color and he is shown to have a much more visible chin. The red colored pedals on his shoulders and thorns on the rest of his body are now much thinner and longer than they use to be in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. The design on his torso has even changed as well, splitting the black parts on his waist into two. Why you ask well it’s because Swampfire’s torso design torso has now been split into two black parts. The New Omnitrix symbol is now located on his stomach instead of his chest. See image below:

Swampfire Omniverse


Omniverse 1st Maturing (Blossoming) Stage DescriptionWhen Ben used Swampfire in the episode Charmed I’m Sure, Swampfire appeared to be going through three stages of plant maturity until he finally blossomed into a brand new form. The first stage of Swampfire’s blossoming shows that he is more muscular than in his earlier design. He has lost his pupils, one of his red petals on each shoulder, and a green frill from each of his legs. The lines on his neck have now been thinned out while the lines on his chest have moved upward and into a pointed down angle. His green color is also a shade lighter than his olive green color. Also the New Omnitrix symbol is still on his stomach. See image below:

Swampfire's 1st stage of Blossoming


Omniverse 2nd Maturing (Blossoming) Stage DescriptionThe second stage of Swampfire’s blossoming shows that he has now gained more muscle than before with the black lines being removed from his chest entirely. His red petals have formed into a red thorn shape, with two being on each of his arms. The necklines are now triangular and his shade of green is now a lime green color. His face resembles his fully matured form except that instead of an orange color surrounding the eyes there is only black color surrounding them. Also the New Omnitrix symbol is still on his stomach. See image below:

Swampfire's 2nd stage of Blossoming


Omniverse 3rd Maturing (Blossoming) Stage DescriptionFinally the third and final stage Swampfire’s new blossomed form appeared to be plant-like, but with some major changes. He looks more muscular and taller. His skin color is now a light green color and his face is now colored yellow, red, and orange. His pupils are completely gone, the chin is more visible and his hands are now colored black, with four yellow claws and a yellow hole to unleashed his firepowers. He also has six red horns with yellow spots (that aesthetically resembling flames); two on each forearm, and one on each shoulder; as well as a green horn on each foot, knee, and elbow. Swampfire now has a large collar that’s raised up around his neck. The New Omnitrix symbol is still on his stomach. See image below:

Swampfire's final Blossoming Stage


Albedo as Swampfire DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Swampfire in Alien Force his did look exactly like Ben’s Swampfire of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien except that the eyes and Ultimatrix symbol are now red instead of green. See image below:

Albedo as Swampfire


Ben 23 as Swampfire (Mr. Mucky) DescriptionAlthough Ben 23 didn’t use or mention his version of Swampfire it does show what his version looks like. Ben 23’s version of Swampfire does look exactly like Ben’s except that the body is aquamarine in color, the petals on the head and shoulders are aqua and finally the top of the head, where the tip of the petals is, is a grey color. Also the dimension 23 Omnitrix symbol is blue and the rim is gold and it’s located in the stomach. See image below:

Mr. Mucky (Swampfire 23)


Special Abilities: The first ability of Swampfire is methane. This methane ability helps him project fire by igniting the methane in palms similar to a flamethrower. It’s strong enough to render a human and an Incursean alien unconscious. Even after Swampfire blossomed he can still ignite the methane from yellow holes in his palms (which used to be green before he blossomed). His fire blast is even precise enough for him to shoot it to melt a cage that had Kevin and Gwen in it. When the cage melted it showed that Gwen and Kevin where left unharmed. This was demonstrated the episode in X = Ben + 2. Swampfire’s second ability shows that he has a very high degree of chlorokinesis. This means that Swampfire is able to use seeds and gases projected from his body, as well as telepathically interfacing with plant life, to manipulate and instantly create biological agriculture. When plant life is exposed to Swampfire’s gases they can elongate, enlarge, and ensnare enemies (seemingly being mutated by the gases). It also shown that some plants have a brief green aura when Swampfire influences them, as seen in the episode Ghost Town. Plus Swampfire’s telepathic influence over plants even allowed him to free Max Tennyson from the Highbreed Tree Monster, which was using Max as a brain. Swampfire’s third shows that he a limited flying ability. The way he uses this ability is by launching fires from his palms to jet propel himself like a rocket or an army fighter plane like the way Heatblast does. Swampfire demonstrated this flight ability in the episode War of the Worlds: Part 1. In the video game Cosmic Destruction, Swampfire’s fourth ability shows that he has the capability to launch flamethrower-like blast ability. To explain how he does this is by igniting his hands to do a ability that is called “fire fists”, which can create a ring of fire and can cause thorny vines to sprout from the ground that can be proven useful at roasting and trapping his enemies. Swampfire’s fifth and sixth abilities show that he’s capable of regenerating and regrowing any damaged or destroyed body parts, allowing him to grow back lost limbs, holes in his body, or even his head. For example, if Swampfire’s arms or legs are torn off by a blaster of by an energy weapon he can manipulate vine-like “veins” to reach out and meld with the insides of the detached limb and return them to the body, allowing him to reconstitute automatically if damaged due to the plant-like composition he has. If his arm or leg gets disintegrated he is capable of regenerating them at a very quick pace. Swampfire’s seventh ability shows that he can even to reform his body from remains when it got splattered to pieces by Goop’s artificial gravity projector in the episode Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2. Swampfire’s eighth ability shows that generate seeds from his body that phase into or pierce into any ground or flooring before turning to vine tentacles strong enough to restrain any enemy like Vilgax for example. At first the seeds where usually are as small as pebbles, but in episode The Final Battle: Part 2, they were large and sharp, being able to pierce the floor of a ship before being turned into tentacles. Swampfire’s ninth ability shows that he can even produce plant chemicals, sleep spores that can cause someone to fall asleep on contact (this was demonstrated by Albedo). Swampfire’s tenth ability shows that his body can generate a type of mud, which can stick to everything but him. He used that ability blind Albedo when he was Humungousaur. Albedo could not pull it off his eyes, which is why he had to change forms. Swampfire’s eleventh ability shows that methane has a very pungent smell, which is pretty much intolerable to some species, like the Incurseans (for example). The reason is because the smell made them retch and faint. The methane can even render any enemy unconscious by spraying it in the face. Since Swampfire blossomed into his new form it shows that in the episode Charmed, I’m Sure, the “blossomed” form revealed that Swampfire now has complete control over weeds like the Mutant Pumpkins from Anur Transyl for example, and his fire blasting abilities are even more powerful than before. Swampfire demonstrated his twelfth ability that (in his new form) he can grow plants from the ground simply by raising his hand into the air. Swampfire thirteenth ability show that he has superhuman strength which he used to knock over a big Highbreed Weather Array machine using leverage by turning his feet into roots and running deep into the ground. He even used his superhuman strength to hold his own against Vilgax with his bare fists when Vilgax tried to use his sword to destroy him. Also in his “blossomed” form, it now appears that Swampfire is even stronger and more durable than he was before. Swampfire’s fourteenth ability is that due to his plant-like body structure it allows him to walk straight through the spaces between the iron bars of a holding cell. Also, in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, when he was crushed under a large container his body deformed into vines that burrowed through the ground and then out of the ground to reform him instantly. In the same instance, when Kevin punched Swampfire in the torso, it only resulted in his fist getting stuck until Swampfire punched him back. He even used that same ability in Ghost Town. Plus in the new episode Weapon XI part 2, Swampfire demonstrated his final ability by creating thorny vines with flame tips from his hands which he can use as whips, which can be a bit painful when coming in contact with enemies like Kevin (who was pretending to be evil) for example. See images below:

Swampfire's fire powers 1

Swampfire's fire powers 2

Swampfire's fire powers 3

Swampfire's fire powers 4

Swampfire's fire powers 5

Swampfire's fire powers 6

Swampfire's fire powers 7

Swampfire's fire powers 9

Swampfire's fire powers 8

Swampfire's fire powers 11

Swampfire's fire powers 10

Swampfire's fire powers 12

Swampfire's fire powers 13

Swampfire's fire powers 14

Swampfire's fire powers 15

Swampfire's fire powers 16

Swampfire's fire powers 17

Swampfire's fire powers 18

Swampfire's fire powers 19

Swampfire's fire powers 20
Swampfire's other powers 2

Swampfire's other powers 3

Swampfire's other powers 4

Swampfire's other powers 5

Swampfire's other powers 6

Swampfire's other powers 22

Swampfire's other powers 8

Swampfire's other powers 9

Swampfire's other powers 10

Swampfire's other powers 11

Swampfire's other powers 12

Swampfire's other powers 13

Swampfire's other powers 14

Swampfire's other powers 15

Swampfire's other powers 16

Swampfire's other powers 17


Swampfire's other powers 18

Swampfire's other powers 19

Swampfire's other powers 20

Swampfire's other powers 21

Swampfire's other powers 23

Swampfire's other powers 24

Swampfire's other powers 25

Swampfire's other powers 26

Swampfire's other powers 27

Swampfire's other powers 28

Swampfire's other powers 29

Swampfire's other powers 30

Albedo as Swampfire Swampfire's other powers 31

Swampfire's other powers 32 Swampfire's other powers 33

Swampfire's other powers 34

Swampfire's other powers 35

Swampfire's other powers 36

Swampfire's other powers 37

Swampfire's other powers 38

Swampfire's other powers 39

Swampfire's other powers 40

Swampfire's other powers 43

Swampfire's other powers 44

Swampfire's other powers 41

Swampfire's other powers 42

Swampfire's other powers 45

Swampfire's other powers 46

Swampfire's other powers 47

Swampfire's other powers 48

Swampfire's other powers 49

Swampfire's other powers 51

Swampfire's other powers 50

Swampfire's other powers 55

Swampfire's other powers 57

Swampfire's other powers 56

Swampfire's other powers 54

Swampfire's other powers 53

Swampfire's other powers 52

Swampfire's other powers 58

Swampfire's other powers 59

Swampfire's other powers 60

Swampfire's other powers 61

Swampfire's other powers 62

Swampfire's other powers 63

Swampfire's other powers 64

Swampfire's other powers 65

Swampfire's other powers 66

Swampfire's other powers 67


Weaknesses: One of Swampfire’s weaknesses was shown in the episode Vengeance of Vilgax. In that episode when Ben, Gwen and Kevin found Goop in the sewers and when Ben battled against him as Swampfire, Goop used his Anti-Gravity Projector to cut Swampfire to shreds continuously. By doing this it can be very hard for Swampfire to try regenerating himself if Goop would have kept up cutting him to shreds. Swampfire’s second weakness is that he can be frozen in ice, which can render him immobile. When was frozen by a DNAlien in Everybody Talks About the Weather, he was able to thaw himself out by igniting the methane in the palms of his hands. Swampfire was also frozen by Albedo as Big Chill during a fight until he switched forms in the episode Good Copy, Bad Copy. Even though Swampfire controls plants the problem is that what he can’t control are weeds, but though after ‘blossoming,’ he finally gained the ability to command weeds (like Zs’Skyer’s hordes of Mutant Pumpkins for example). His third weakness is the swampy stench that emanates from his body because even thought it’s a good ability against enemies, it’s very hard to hide it from someone who has a nose. His final weakness was shown in Catch a Falling Star. The reason is because when Ben turned into Swampfire while he had a broken arm, it comes to show that Swampfire’s arm will be twisted and shriveled. He was also still in pain from it. See images below:

Swampfire's weaknesses 1

Swampfire's weaknesses 2

Swampfire's weaknesses 3

Swampfire's weaknesses 4

Swampfire's weaknesses 5

Swampfire's weaknesses 6

Swampfire's weaknesses 7


Swampfire's weaknesses 8

Swampfire's weaknesses 9

Swampfire's weaknesses 10

Swampfire's weaknesses 11

Swampfire's weaknesses 12

Swampfire's weaknesses 13

Swampfire's weaknesses 14

Swampfire's weaknesses 15

Swampfire's weaknesses 16

Swampfire's weaknesses 17

Swampfire's weaknesses 18

Swampfire's weaknesses 19

Swampfire's other powers 33

Swampfire's other powers 34

Swampfire's weaknesses 20

Swampfire's weaknesses 21

Swampfire's weaknesses 22


First Appearance: Ben 10 Returns: Part 1