When Ben was afraid of Zombozo the clown (one of his enemies) he managed to scare away his fear by using an alien that looks exactly like a ghost. He also uses this alien to sometimes pull pranks on Gwen and can use this alien’s invisibility to surprise any bad guys from behind. The name of this ghost alien that Ben gave him is Ghostfreak!

Species and Home planet: Ghostfreak’s species is called an ectonurite and where he comes from is the alternate dimension planet Anur Phaetos. Also the other home planet that he comes from is called Anur Transyl. No image of Anur Phaetos yet. See image of Anur Transyl below:

Anur Transyl


Original Series Description: Ghostfreak can be described as a phantom/ghost-like alien, with claw-like hands and one purple colored movable eye. He has grey skin with black lines that run all over him and this skin that he wears is actually removable, which will reveal his tentacles or his true form which can be very scary so try not to be frightened. He can even deform his own shape to appear like wisps of grey, which can somewhat, look like a transparent flame. When he talks, he speaks in a faint, whispering voice. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest (peeking through his skin). See image below:

Ghostfreak OS


Alien Force Description: When 15-year-old Ben in Ben 10 Alien Force used him, Ghostfreak looked exactly like Zs’Skayr in his true form except his one eye was now a green color instead of the purple color. When he spoke his voice sounded a lot deeper and raspy-like instead of the faint, whispering voice. Also the Omnitrix symbol is still located on his chest. See image below:



Ultimate Alien DescriptionWhen he appeared in the intro for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and appeared in the episode Ultimate Sacrifice, Ghostfreak’s color was white (instead of grey) like the other Ectonurites in the episode Ghost Town except he was more muscular than normal. His green eye was a bit bigger than usual with a black colored pupil and the spikes on his elbows where gone. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest instead of being located inside his skin. See image below:



Omniverse DescriptionWhen 16-year-old Ben in Ben 10 Omniverse used Ghostfreak, he wore green chains all over his front side, which lead to his neck, waist, and center/chest. The spikes that where located on his elbows have returned and his skin color is now a greenish white color instead of the ghostly white color. He has two cuffs located on each of his arms and he has green glow when he possesses someone. When he speaks it turns out that his voice has now returned to the faint and whispering kind. Also the New Omnitrix symbol is located at the center of his chains. See image below:

Ghostfreak OV


Bad Ben as Ghostfreak Description: When Bad Ben (one of the evil Ben 10’s) used his version of Ghostfreak, his looked just like Ben’s except that the color is a minty green instead of the regular green color and when he spoke he sounded like Ben’s enemy Zs’Skayr instead of the faint and whispering voice of his main counterpart. See image below:

Bad Ben as Ghostfreak


Special Abilities: Ghostfreak’s abilities are actually composed by several aspects from our traditional ghosts of the myths and lore’s. Like for example his first two abilities is hovering like a ghost and being able to phase through any solid matter, which as we all know is his intangibility power. That kind of ability is a very successful and powerful defense if any enemies every try to attack him as well as using it for a means of infiltrating high-security locations. Ghostfreak even shows that his intangibility is even capable of making other objects or maybe even people intangible and transparent through physical contact. It also appears that he can even phase parts of himself through people to cause them pain or maybe even shock them into submission, with it also being shown that he can make people feel deathly cold (or it would feel like sending a chill down your spin) by just moving right through them like a regular ghost. The thing is that when Ghostfreak becomes invisible that means you can’t actually see him. Ghostfreak’s third ability is body possession, which means that he can posses the bodies of any of his enemies and control their movements. For example possessing somebody Ghostfreak can cause them to fly like him, allowing him to freely slam them against walls, floors, or even hit them. Ghostfreak can even access the abilities of other beings that possess superpowers and ones who don’t have any powers. Like for example in the case of going up against the evil mana draining supervillian Darkstar, when Ghostfreak possessed him he was able to gain access to his powers and movements. Before Ghostfreak possessed Darkstar, Darkstar tried to absorb the Mana (life energy) from him but it didn’t work because since Mana is life energy Ghostfreak’s species don’t have life energy in them since they are not alive like most life forms are. Ghostfreak fourth ability is using telekinetic abilities as seen in the episode Ghost Town. These telekinetic abilities are known as energy beams of either blue or purple energy (maybe even green energy), but the one problem for Ghostfreak is that these abilities can only be used if he’s only in his true form. His fifth ability comes from the tentacles that hid under his protective skin. These tentacles can be used as a means of scaring enemies into submission, using them to catch objects, and even using them to grab objects (like for example a bus full of people). Also these tentacles even appear to be resistant to sunlight. Other abilities that Ghostfreak has are enhanced strength, being able to survive in space, sharp teeth (that can only be used when he’s in his true form), sharp clawed fingers, and his movable eye which is shown to move down to his shoulder and to his back which is kind of creepy but a bit cool. He can even rotate his skull as well (only in his true form). See Images below:

Ghostfreak's Powers 1


Ghostfreak's Powers 2

Ghostfreak's Powers 3

Ghostfreak's Powers 4

Ghostfreak's Powers 5

Ghostfreak's Powers 6

Ghostfreak's Powers 7

Ghostfreak's Powers 8

Ghostfreak's Powers 9

Ghostfreak's Powers 10

Ghostfreak's Powers 11

Ghostfreak's Powers 22

Ghostfreak's Powers 23

Ghostfreak's Powers 24

Ghostfreak's Powers 25

Ghostfreak's Powers 12

Ghostfreak's Powers 13

Ghostfreak's Powers 14

Ghostfreak's Powers 15

Ghostfreak's Powers 16

Ghostfreak's Powers 17

Ghostfreak's Powers 18

Ghostfreak's Powers 19

Ghostfreak's Powers 20

Ghostfreak's Powers 21

Ghostfreak's Powers 26

Ghostfreak's Powers 27

Ghostfreak's Powers 28

Ghostfreak's Powers 29

Ghostfreak's Powers 30


Weaknesses: One of the weaknesses of Ghostfreak is some kind of a certain substances that can actually neutralize Ghostfreak’s intangibility and his invisibility making him very vulnerable to attacks as seen in the episode Hunted when Kraab neutralized Ghostfreak’s intangibility and invisibility with a special, orange colored liquid. Ghostfreak’s second weakness is his second layer of skin that inhabits many of his powers, but if his second skin is removed he can be very vulnerable to sunlight. Ghostfreak’s third weakness shows that though he’s able to fly, he isn’t very fast in the air, which is why he has to therefore rely on his intangibility and invisibility to evade any attacks. Ghostfreak’s fourth weakness was revealed in the episode Ultimate Sacrifice. In that episode when Ben used Ghostfreak, thought that could use him to successfully control the sentient Ultimate forms but his attempt failed. Plus in Ultimate Sacrifice, Ghostfreak’s fifth weakness reveals that he can easily be frozen in ice. In the Original Series the sixth weakness of Ghostfreak was shown that his DNA turned out to be linked to the conscious, memories, and personality of the evil Zs’Skayr (the king of all ectonurites who’s other alias is known as high Ecto-Lord of both Anur Phaetos and Anur Transyl), who took over Ben and was able to free himself after the Omnitrix timed out. Because of that, this did make Ghostfreak a very dangerous alien to use. However in Omniverse, Ghostfreak now exists independently from Zs’Skayr, complete with Ben’s personality, which now made it no longer an issue. His seventh weakness shows that his intangibility power is useless when facing another being that can go intangible as well. In the episode Charm School, the eighth weakness reveals that magic can also harm Ghostfreak. Though Ghostfreak can possess any being his final weakness reveals that he cannot possess beings that have no mind, like a zombie for example. See images below:

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 1

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 2

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 3

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 4

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 5

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 6

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 7

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 8

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 9

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 10

Ghostfreak OV

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 11

Ghostfreak's Weaknesses 12


First Appearance: Permanent Retirement