When Ben was facing off against Grandma Verdona with Gwen and Kevin he used a new alien that is quick enough like a monkey and can tie her up with spider webbing like that of a spider. This new alien is called Spidermonkey!

Species and Home planet: Spidermonkey’s species is called an Arachnichimp and where he comes from is a planet that’s called Aranhaschimmia. See image of planet below:



Description (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien): Spidermonkey can be described as humanoid monkey with four arms, four green eyes, two legs, three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, blue fur over a dark blue center, and a tail with a two stripe design near the tip of his tail. Also the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is located in his chest. See image below:

Spidermonkey (AF & UA)


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Spidermonkey now has six green eyes instead of four, his hair appears to be flipped up, and has two green sashes going across his back and chest. The two stripes that are on his tail appear to have turned to a grayish color, and the fur on his head is spiky with gray stripes. His nose has now shifted to his forehead and the shape of has nose has also changed. He now speaks with a higher-pitched voice and he now talks with monkey sounds in between words. The New Omnitrix symbol is located on Spidermonkey’s chest but it’s connected to the sashes that as I said go across his back and chest. See image below:

Spidermonkey Omniverse


Albedo as Spidermonkey DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Spidermonkey in Alien Force his did look exactly like Ben’s but in Ultimate Alien when he used Spidermonkey again his still looked the same except the eyes were red and the Ultimatrix symbol was red as well. When Albedo used Spidermonkey in Omniverse, his did look the same except the color scheme was different. For example, the fur on his body is black and his skin is a reddish, pale shade of maroon, representing his ultimate form Ultimate Spidermonkey. The stripes in his hair and on his tail are light grey. The sashes on his torso are red with the New Ultimatrix symbol connecting them at the center. See images below:

Albedo as Spidermonkey 1

Albedo as Spidermonkey 2

Albedo as Spidermonkey 3

Special Abilities: Spidermonkey’s first ability shows that he has the to ability to expel webbing from the tip of his tail. The webs that he shoots out of his tail shown to be as strong as a steel cable, however species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean can tear it. He can shape these webs into slings, a kind of rope for climbing and to tie up enemies, nets, or to swing across vast distances. He can even use his webs to catch himself when he’s either falling or about to crash into something. Spidermonkey second ability shows that he can stick to and scale vertical surfaces just like regular spiders and our Marvel hero Spiderman. His third ability is the superhuman strength he has, as demonstrated when he grabbed a lamp post and using it to bat Ultimate Kevin up a few feet and being able to lift up any heavy objects. He fourth and fifth abilities show that he has some enhanced agility, and enhanced hand-to-hand combat skills which is a very good to use against bad guys. It was mentioned in the episode Simian Says, that Arachnichimps, and thus Spidermonkey; have hearing that is shown to be a lot more superior to a human’s hearing. See images below:

Spidermonkey's Powers 1

Spidermonkey's Powers 2

Spidermonkey's Powers 3

Spidermonkey's Powers 5

Spidermonkey's Powers 6

Spidermonkey's Powers 7

Spidermonkey's Powers 8

Spidermonkey's Powers 9

Spidermonkey's Powers 10

Spidermonkey's Powers 11

Spidermonkey's Powers 12

Spidermonkey's Powers 13

Spidermonkey's Powers 14

Spidermonkey's Powers 15

Spidermonkey's Powers 16

Spidermonkey's Powers 19

Spidermonkey's Powers 17

Spidermonkey's Powers 18

Spidermonkey's Powers 20

Spidermonkey's Powers 21

Spidermonkey's Powers 22

Spidermonkey's Powers 23

Spidermonkey's Powers 24

Spidermonkey's Powers 25

Spidermonkey's Powers 26

ciu_562Spidermonkey's Powers 27

ciu_562Spidermonkey's Powers 28

Spidermonkey's Powers 29

Spidermonkey's Powers 30

Spidermonkey's Powers 31

Spidermonkey's Powers 32

Spidermonkey's Powers 33

Spidermonkey's Powers 34

Spidermonkey's Powers 35

Spidermonkey's Powers 36

Spidermonkey's Powers 37

Spidermonkey's Powers 38

Spidermonkey's Powers 39

Spidermonkey's Powers 40

Spidermonkey's Powers 41

Spidermonkey's Powers 42

Spidermonkey's Powers 43

Spidermonkey's Powers 44

Spidermonkey's Powers 45
Spidermonkey's Powers 46

Spidermonkey's Powers 47

Spidermonkey's Powers 48

Spidermonkey's Powers 49

Spidermonkey's Powers 50

Spidermonkey's Powers 51


Weaknesses: The first weakness that Spidermonkey has is getting tangled up by his own webs because sometimes, villains can use Spidermonkey’s webs to their advantage. The second weakness that Spidermonkey has is that during a battle his webs can be frozen and made brittle. Plus species with as much or more strength than a Cerebrocrustacean can tear it as I mentioned before. Spidermonkey’s third weakness was shown in the episode Good Copy Bad Copy, where Albedo as Spidermonkey tied up Ben as Jetray until Ben switched from Jetray into Chromastone and used his energy to melt the webs. Spidermonkey’s fourth weakness is that he can also get trapped in nets made of energy. Spidermonkey’s final weakness is that since he’s Arachnichimp he’s vulnerable to his natural predator Root Shark which is why he species live high up in trees to avoid them. See images below:

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 1

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 2

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 3

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 4

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 5

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 6

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 7

Spidermonkey's Weaknesses 8

Root Shark


First Appearance: What Are Little Girls Made Of?