When Ben was fighting Computron and his robot minions from dimension 12 he used another new alien that he got from Andreas (another one of the five alien fugitives). The name that Ben gave to this new alien transformation is Armodrillo because of the drills on his arms and also because he looks like an armadillo.

Species and Home planet: Armodrillo’s species is called a Talpaedan and where he comes from is a planet called Terraexcava that is located in the Andromeda galaxy. See image of planet below:



Description (Ultimate Alien): Armodrillo can be described as an armadillo-like humanoid with a yellow armored body that makes look like a robot and his head is shown to be very similar to a Greek Corinthian helmet with two ears on it which is why he has the appearance of an armadillo. Armodrillo also has a grey tail along with jackhammer parts that are on his wrists, hands, and elbows. These jackhammer parts create the impression that Armodrillo is a robot that can dig underground. Although despite Armodrillo’s mechanical appearance these aspects are shown to be biological and neutral to his race. Also the Ultimatrix/ New Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest. See image below:

Armodrillo UA


Omniverse Description: In Omniverse, Armodrillo’s appearance does look similar to his Ultimate Alien appearance but his ears appear to be longer and he now has grey bolts on his shoulders along with black markings as well. He has metal circle that appears to be located on the top of his head and his face appears to be reconstructed a little bit. The drills on his arms appear to be much larger than they were in Ultimate Alien, his fingers and tail have a small horizontal line design, and his arms, upper arms, and thighs are now much more chain like than they use to be. His forearms and shoulders appear to be a lot more bulky then they were before in Ultimate Alien. See image below:

Armodrillo Omniverse


Albedo as Armodrillo DescriptionWhen Albedo used his version of Armodrillo in Omniverse, his looked the same as Ben’s accept the armor is red instead of yellow. Plus the eyes are red as well as the New Ultimatrix symbol being the same color. See image below:

Albedo as Armodillo


Special abilities: Armodrillo’s first ability is his arm-drills because with these he’s shown to have incredible digging capabilities. His second ability shows that he does have enhanced super strength. The third ability of Armodrillo is the armor he is wearing because due to this armor it gives him much incredible durability. Armodrillo’s fourth ability is that he can do more than just dig, he can also create highly destructive earthquakes. The way he creates these earthquakes is by placing his hands on the ground of the tunnel he creates and then he begins to pump the jackhammer pistons, which are located on his elbows. He can even do it the same way when above ground. In the episode Reflected Glory, Armodrillo’s fifth ability is being able to create fissures in the ground as well. Also Armodrillo’s sixth ability is that he can be able to turn his hands into drills. Using the drills he can dig a bit faster and can use them to help free victims that are captured plus the drills are good for other uses as well. His final ability shows that using his jackhammer arms, he can create powerful shock waves and can even launch any object that he’s holding in his hand. See images below:

Armodrillo's Powers 1

Armodrillo's Powers 2

Armodrillo's Powers 3  Armodrillo's Powers 4

Armodrillo's Powers 5

Armodrillo's Powers 6

Armodrillo's Powers 8

Armodrillo's Powers 7

Armodrillo's Powers 9

Armodrillo's Powers 10

Armodrillo's Powers 11

Armodrillo's Powers 12

Armodrillo's Powers 13

Armodrillo's Powers 14

Armodrillo's Powers 15

Armodrillo's Powers 16

Armodrillo's Powers 17

Armodrillo's Powers 18

Armodrillo's Powers 19

Armodrillo's Powers 20

Armodrillo's Powers 21

Armodrillo's Powers 22

Armodrillo's Powers 23


Weaknesses: One of Armodrillo’s weaknesses is that although his armor is incredibly durable the problem is that it isn’t strong enough to keep objects from getting him hurt like the quill spikes that Argit shoots out, the exploding bowling pins that Zombozo throws at him, and a bomb for example. His second weakness was demonstrated in the episode Revenge of the Swarm because when Elina covered him with the nanochips it made it hard for him to breathe. This third weakness was demonstrated in the episode The More Things Change: Part 2 because in this episode Psyphon used an alien tech weapon that he had in his wrist and this device caused Armodrillo’s nervous system to go out of control. This is because with the nervous system going out of control, Armodrillo is unable to control the vibration in his left arm. His fourth weakness is electricity because if Armodrillo gets shocked it will make him unable to move and also knock him out instantly. His final weakness is that he’s also vulnerable to his natural predator Slamworm. See images below:

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 1

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 2

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 3

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 4

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 5

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 6

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 7

Armodrillo's Weaknesses 8


First appearance: Hero Time